Is the Dell C1760NW color laser printer compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite?

Dell C1760NW

Question: Hello Sir Apfelot, I have come across this page several times while searching the net. Now my question: Is the Dell C1760NW color laser printer compatible with the latest OS X? Do you have experience here? Unfortunately, the Dell consultant chat could not give me an answer.

Dell C1760NW

The Dell C1760NW is a very well-rated color laser that here on Amazon in various designs (USB / LAN / WLAN / multifunction device) is available (Photo: Amazon).

Answer: Hello! Somehow it's a shame that Dell Support doesn't know whether the printer is compatible ... but well, you have to look for information on the internet yourself. :)

Unfortunately, I don't run the printer myself, but there are some people in forums who ask about the drivers. For that reason, the situation has probably not been clarified.

Get in touch here in the Dell support forum someonewho has read that the driver for Yosemite is available from DELL (here the reference to the corresponding support document), but after installing it (he used this driver: Printer_C1660_C1760_Installer_Dell_A03_MAC.dmg) OS X 10.10 doesn't recognize it - so it doesn't work.

The problem will probably only be temporary, but if you have to work with the printer right away, I would prefer to wait to buy it or another color laser printer for OS X Kaufen.



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