Desk lighting: Cheap ScreenBar alternatives on Amazon

Last year I got you guys BenQ ScreenBar in the test presented. This is a desk lamp that can be attached to the iMac or computer monitor in such a way that the area in front of it is illuminated, but the light is not reflected on the screen. This is ideal for working on the Mac and at the same time seeing everything on the desk - documents, the keyboard, and so on. In addition to the well thought-out design, the warm white and cold white LEDs and the convenient operation, there is one major drawback for many: the price. At 99,00 EUR or 129,00 EUR, you think twice about the purchase. Therefore, it is worth taking a look at the cheaper ScreenBar alternatives.

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to the BenQ ScreenBar as a desk lamp that does not interfere with your work on the computer? Here you can find three cheap lamps in comparison.

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to the BenQ ScreenBar as a desk lamp that does not interfere with your work on the computer? Here you can find three cheap lamps in comparison.

Inexpensive ScreenBar alternatives with the same construction

If the BenQ ScreenBar is too expensive for you, then the models shown below with a lower price could be something for you. It is quite noticeable that both versions have pretty much the same structure, the connection via USB-A and the controls directly on the USB cable. According to the product pages, the lamps can be supplied with power on the desktop computer, on the laptop, via a USB charger or via a power bank. The ratings are also similar for both; approx. 4,5 stars for the designs by Anpro and Vansky.

Anpro E-Reading LED lamp with three color temperatures

The cheapest ScreenBar alternative comes from the provider Anpro, which offers its "E-Reading LED lamp" on Amazon for 29,19 euros offers. Thanks to the lamp head that can be swiveled by 180 ° and the bracket that can be adjusted in depth (1 to 3 cm), the device can be used on various monitors, screens and iMac models. The light temperature can be adjusted in three levels: warm light (2800 - 3200 K), white (4000 - 4500 K) and cold light (6000 - 6500 K). The brightness can also be regulated. Many customer reviews say this model is good value for money.

Anpro E-Reading 84 LEDs with adjustable brightness and color function, USB LED lamp ...
  • Power supply: The laptop lamp is powered by USB. Any USB socket can be supplied with power, no matter ...
  • Dimmable: three color temperatures - warm light (2800-3200K), white (4000-4500K) and cold light (6000-6500K)
  • Easy installation: Easy installation and dismantling, space saving, the laptop lamp only needs to be placed on top of the ...

Vansky LED e-Reading desk lamp

Neither the name nor the structure or the technical data are significantly different for this device than for the aforementioned model. The images, descriptions and ratings on the product page are correspondingly similar. There the "LED e-Reading desk lamp" for 35,99 euros on Amazon offered for sale. Operation is also regulated via the control elements (on / off, brighter, darker, color temperature) on the USB cable. The retaining clip can also be extended and the counterweight on Vansky looks the same as on the fitting model. Except that this BenQ ScreenBar alternative mentions the number of brightness levels; there are 10.

LED e-reading desk lamps, USB powered computer monitor lamp, adjustable brightness and ...
  • ☑️ 【ADAPTABLE LIGHTING】 The desk lamp offers 3 color modes with 10 brightness levels each, with which ...
  • ☑️ 【SPACE SAVING】 The lamp desk has a specially designed clip that makes it easy to attach to monitors ...
  • ☑️ 【NO SCREEN BLIND】 Monitor light bar has an asymmetrical optical design that only covers the desk ...

Individual lighting with an articulated desk lamp

If you don't just want to illuminate the area in front of your computer monitor, iMac or laptop from a fixed point, you might be interested in the PHIVE LED desk lamp for 59,98 euros on Amazon. This is attached to the table top (up to 6 cm thick) and can be aligned using various joints. Although there are no adjustable color temperatures here, there are 10 brightness levels and the option of aligning the lamp as you need it. So you can use their light even if you do other things on the desk than work on the computer - reading, drawing, modeling, etc.

PHIVE LED metal desk lamp, 10W office table lamp (touch-sensitive stepless ...
  • Eye Care - Near natural light. The diffusing panel emits soft light without a double image, ...
  • Stepless dimmer - brightness of memory, adjustment free and easy to keep personal attitude.
  • Very adjustable - metal lamp head rotatable 180 °, 42 + 42cm adjustable arm, rotatable body. Strong bracket ...

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  1. Horst Hader says:

    Hi Jens,
    I didn't even know what a screen bar was and couldn't imagine anything about it. Out of pure curiosity I clicked on the article and lo and behold, I've been looking for something for a long time. Can you actually replace the LED strip with these lamps or whatever that means, like with a "normal" lamp, or is that not necessary due to the lifespan of LEDs?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Horst! Yes, with some things you don't even know that you need them. : D That's how I always feel when I rummage around in Amazon ... You can't swap the LED strip, but I think the LEDs last so long that you don't plan on swapping anything. If you have ordered such an LED monitor lamp, I am - as always - looking forward to your judgment. : D

  2. Horst Hader says:

    Hi Jens,
    Thank you for your quick response. Will order the Vansky e-Reading lamp tomorrow. Fits perfectly with my new 28-inch UHD monitor. If I buy the lamp via the link “Buy from Amazon”, isn't that ok for you?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Horst! Yes, thank you. If you order over it, a few cents stick with me. That would be great. Thanks for the support.

      • Horst Hader says:

        Hi Jens,
        I quickly ordered the Vansky lamp. Should come next Tuesday. Then report on my experience with it.

      • Horst Hader says:

        Hi Jens,
        I just got that Vansky e-reading lamp attached to my 28 inch monitor. It is connected to an active USB 3.0 hub. Works great. I find the brightest of the three light settings to be the best. The desk is very well lit. I have already considered buying a normal desk lamp. The screen bar is definitely the better choice for me. This sets firmly on the monitor. The length of the connection cable is definitely more than sufficient for me. I will take the control unit with me Eagle owl patafix attach to the monitor base (suggested by a review on Amazon). The attachment of the lamp worked without any problems. For me it is definitely a worthwhile purchase. Can only recommend the lamp!
        Greeting Horst

        • sir appleot says:

          Hello Horst! That's nice to hear. I also hung a lamp like this on my wife's iMac and she is also very enthusiastic about the light. I have to remember the tip with the Patafix. It doesn't change the settings, but it makes sense to attach the control unit somewhere. LG! Jens

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