Diablo 3 Mac demo download - where can I get it?

Diablo 3 on the Mac
Diablo 3 on the Mac

The game Diablo 3 also works perfectly on the Mac. The game box code is used to activate the game in your Battle.net account (Photo: Amazon).

After yesterday's post I asked where you can find the free demo version of Diablo 3 for the Mac. On the Internet it was not offered under the usual term "demo" but Blizzard has agreed on the name "Starter Edition". However, the game remains free in this version.

Instructions: How to download the demo

Install the demo version of Diablo 3 by first logging in create a Battle.net account and installed the Mac app Battle.net. In this framework you will also find the game Diablo 3 (and others from Blizzard, such as Word of Warcraft, Starcraft, Heroes or Hearthstone) and you can use this tool to download the Starter Edition onto your Mac.

Limitations of the Diablo 3 demo

Of course, the game has certain limitations in the demo version. On the one hand, you cannot change the level of difficulty. So you always play on "normal", which is also sufficient for beginners. The highest level that you can reach with your character in the Starter Edition is 13. Likewise, you can only play Act 1 up to the final boss (Skeleton King). Until then you have a few hours of free fun. Then buy the full version of the game (here if that's cheap), then you can pick up where you left off.

For online players it is perhaps also important that you can only get together in groups if you know other Starter Edition players.

But now: Have fun slaughtering monsters!

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