Digital offers for children in the corona quarantine (UPDATES!)

Due to the coronavirus, children are now primarily at home and not in school, daycare or kindergarten. But what to do when the textbook is too boring, Monopoly has already been played through three times and the dog doesn't have to go for a walk? Here I have put together a few ideas for the occupation of young and old. I will probably update this post every now and then; You are also welcome to leave a comment with your ideas and experiences about child employment at home in times of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. 

You can download curricula to make home schooling easier, use educational programs and apps to teach the children in the coronavirus quarantine, and use other digital resources to keep them occupied. Here is a summary.
You can download curricula to make home schooling easier, use educational programs and apps to teach the children in the coronavirus quarantine, and use other digital resources to keep them occupied. Here is a summary.

Update: Coronavirus explained for children

Here is one Video of the City of Vienna, which explains the coronavirus and Covid-19 disease for (small) children:


Curricula of the federal states of Germany

If you don't want to miss school completely at home, you can either have your children's teachers send you the curriculum and some materials by email - or you can get the information yourself. The links to the curricula and lesson content of the individual federal states in Germany can be found here: 

Most of the time, the links on the site will lead you to the education ministries of the federal states, where you can then select individual levels, school types and school subjects and download their curricula. At the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs of Hesse, there are examples of these types of schools / levels: primary level, lower secondary level, upper secondary level, vocational high school and vocational schools. It is similar for the other countries. 

Based on the individual curricula and guides, you can then request specific material from the teachers, search for the textbooks of your children or find the information you need on the internet. In addition, you will surely find relevant documentation - e.g. B. on topics from history, religion and ethics - which loosen up home schooling a bit;)

Update: Important phone numbers for corona isolation

In the following table you will find important telephone numbers for children, teenagers and adults. If you notice that the situation in isolation is overwhelming or if you feel sick, you can call them. If you find problems in dealing with your children on a permanent basis, you can call the youth welfare office responsible for you - these are not child stealers, but advice centers that can help you;)

Subject Phone / chat number
Number against grief for children and teenagers 0800 111 0 333
Telephone counseling for everyone, whether big or small 0800 111 0 111 or 0800 111 0 222
Helpline violence against women 08000 116 016
Queer Lexicon offers chat support for queer young people 01573 0663257 (details see website)
Citizen telephone of the Federal Ministry of Health 030 346 465 100
Medical on-call service 116 117
Parents phone when overwhelmed and when help is needed 0800 111 0550
Care phone for family support 030 2017 9131
Help hotline "Pregnant women in need" 0800 40 40 020
Is there an important number missing here? Then please write a comment under this post!

For app deals and chat times for whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, and other up-to-date information, please visit the linked websites.

Home schooling by video: Planet School, broadcast with the mouse and documentaries

The public broadcasters, especially ARD and ZDF, have a considerable offer for children who want and should learn something at home. Not only is the sub-channel ARD alpha starting an educational program on TV due to the coronavirus (Which), you can also find a good offer online. Visit the ARD media library and give there "Planet School" you get numerous videos on different subjects and topics to choose from: history, culture, languages, media education, politics & society, knowledge & technology and more.

[appbox app store id981496660]

But maybe your children are still too young for elementary school or secondary school - but that doesn't have to prevent you from taking advantage of learning opportunities. The WDR now brings the children's format "Die Sendung mit der Maus" on television every dayWhich). If you cannot or do not want to follow the schedules of linear television, you can also use the The mouse app use. This of course offers free laughing and factual stories;)

[appbox app store id932310976]

In addition, there are of course documentaries from ARD, ZDF, the “third broadcasters”, ARTE, 3Sat, Phoenix and so on. Depending on the age group, they are more or less interesting or suitable. In addition to the individual media libraries, which you can call up in the browser, you will also find one and the other offer of the station as an app in the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad as well as in the Google Play Store for Android devices. There are also corresponding YouTube channels:

Various video games with no educational content

Always just learning and watching documentaries, of course that doesn't work either. This is why cartoons, films, series, and video games are not a bad idea. Not all day, of course, but now could be one for leisure activities at home Apple Arcade Subscription worth it. You can also currently find very good offers and discounts in the game client “Steam”. 

There are also iPad games that I can recommend to you: Brawl Stars - Tips for Beginners, would be a contribution to the topic. Or the more extensive guide Brawl Stars: cooperative and creative MOBA game for iPhone and iPad. Today I have also summarized four game apps for iPhone and iPad that are offered free of charge for the Corona quarantine: View here.

Space for further updates - even more ideas for children in Corona isolation

20.03.2020 updates:

25.03.2020 updates:

Your ideas for keeping children busy in times of coronavirus

It is right and important to stay at home and be in the Social distancing to practice. But if you have to entertain the children in addition to home office and household chores, it becomes difficult. How do you cope with this task? What are your ideas about child employment - or are your kids already old enough to occupy themselves and assess the seriousness of the situation? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic and let me know your tips! :)

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