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Since yesterday I have been receiving emails with the subject "[Your blog name] Your website has been updated to WordPress 3.8.2". It explains that WordPress has updated itself. Of course, this only affects the WordPress core files; Fortunately, plugins and themes are not updated automatically yet. That would also cause quite a mess, because many have made individual adjustments to these files, which would be overwritten by an auto-update.

If you want to test whether your blog could even perform a background update, the plugin "WordPress background update tester"recommended. That will tell you straight away whether an update would work - this depends a lot on your WordPress Hosting from.

[Sir Apfelot] Your website has been updated to WordPress 3.8.2
Hello! Your website at was automatically updated to WordPress 3.8.2.
There is nothing more to do on your part. To learn more about version 3.8.2, check out the About WordPress page:

If you discover any bugs or need assistance, the volunteers on the support forum may be able to help.

Updates are also available for some of your plugins or themes. Update it now:

The WordPress team

Why I don't like automatic updates

Despite everything, I personally do not want to have automatic updates of my blogs and customer pages, because it would not be the first WordPress update, which causes problems. Even if you have to say that WordPress offers a very painless update process compared to many other systems and also causes few complications, some customer blogs failed because some plugins did not yet work with the current WordPress version. For this reason, I prefer to do things like this manually and then check the functionality of the website right away.

Switching off the automatic updates

The auto-update function in WordPress is activated by default. If you don't want your blog to update your own blog, you usually have to deactivate this via a variable in WordPress' wp-config.php. What possibilities this path offers is in an article by Adrew Nacin very nicely described.

There is a plugin for this!

However, I like klickibunti, as the saying goes, and have a plug-in that does this work for me in the configuration file: "Disable Updates Manager". Many points can be deactivated or activated in the settings of this plugin. I usually only deactivate the background updates (see screenshot).

Disable Updates Manager

The WordPress plugin "Disable Updates Manager" not only allows the background updates to be switched off.

Email notification instead of automatic update

If you have now switched off the automatic background updates with the above-mentioned plugin, then in some cases it would make sense to still receive an email notification about a possible (to be installed) WordPress update. I have the plugin for this "WordPress Update Notifier"in use, which informs me by email about WordPress core updates, plugins or themes that need to be updated. This way, you can keep track of a large number of blog installations and gradually update all WordPress blogs.


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