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WordPress SEO Yoast Window

Today I came across an error in the WordPress admin area that probably shouldn't exist. I have activated the "WordPress SEO" plugin from Yoast for a project domain. After activation, the plugin usually opens various popups that ask about tracking or offer the user a tour of the plugin settings. However, the windows are not real popups, but HTML5 layers that contain the relevant questions. In my case you were asked for tracking and the corresponding button to get rid of the window reads "do not allow tracking".

Button does not respond and window does not disappear

Here we come to the error, because a click on the button "do not allow tracking" did nothing in my case. The window remained stapled in the top left of the admin area and also constantly covered things that I would have liked to see or operate. These English-language forum entries here and show that I'm not the only one who has this problem here .

WordPress SEO Yoast Window

The WordPress SEO plugin from Yoast was annoying in my case with a window that simply couldn't be clicked away.

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Possible solutions: changing the plugin core files or a plugin

Now there are two ways to finally remove this window: The first way is to change the PHP files of the plugin by simply preventing the window from being opened there. I find this way less practical, however, because with the next update of the WordPress SEO plugin, this change in the PHP code will be overwritten again and the annoying admin window will appear again.

The much more elegant and "holistic" way is via a plugin called "Disable WordPress Pointers", which prevents any call-up of such" pop-up windows ". If the plugin is activated, other plugins can no longer display such messages and question windows. For me this plugin is the right choice, because you get to your destination without PHP tinkering and have the opportunity to continue working again in a very short time.

Who is the plugin in the WordPress plugin repository, finds the warning message "Not updated for over 2 years!" You can safely ignore this, because the plugin also does its job quietly in the current WordPress version 3.8.1. My compliments to the makers of Lumpy lemon!

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