DJI Keynote on October 30.10.2019th, XNUMX - "Fly as you are" with the Mavic Mini?

Under the slogans "Fly as you are" or "Anyone can fly", DJI has announced a keynote for tomorrow, October 30.10.2019th, XNUMX. According to the saying, one can assume a new drone that has many automatic functions and maneuvers. However, it would have to be for everyone - even without it Drone license plate - can fly, have a weight of less than 250 grams for the German market; because for everything above you need an address label for the drone. So what can we expect at the DJI Keynote on October 30.10.2019, 14, at 00:XNUMX p.m. local time? Probably a DJI Mavic Mini drone! ;)

Tomorrow the DJI keynote will take place under the motto "Fly as you are" or "Anyone can fly". Will we officially see the DJI Mavic Mini drone?
Tomorrow the DJI keynote will take place under the motto "Fly as you are" or "Everyone can fly". Will we officially see the DJI Mavic Mini drone then?

DJI Keynote "Fly as you are" / "Anyone can fly"

Nowadays, it is extremely difficult for manufacturers of products to be built around a bit of hype to keep their news a secret until it is revealed. Unless something is leaking or gossiping from an internal source, it is someone from the supply chain or a dealer. 

Like among other things The Verge shows, (at least) one retailer from Canada has already listed the product in the online shop for everyone to see. You can see the product page of the DJI Mavic Mini drone, which will probably be in the program tomorrow, with technical data and price on the Shop page of NewEgg. Other sources in the Verge post are FCC listings and hands-on pictures of DroneDJ.

Image source:
Image source:

DJI Mavic Mini - Specifications and Price

"Anyone can fly", that should be the motto of the new DJI Mavic Mini, which is to be launched quickly in October before Christmas 2019. According to the sources given, the following technical data and costs result for the new mini drone from the market leader:

  • Weight: 249 grams
  • Max. Flight time: 30 minutes (certainly less in realistic conditions)
  • Video transmission: HD, up to 4 km
  • Sensors: Optical sensors and GPS for precise hovering
  • Features for everyone: Easily record and edit video
  • Video resolution: probably more 2,7K instead of 4K
  • Remote control: included in the scope of delivery, can probably be linked to a smartphone
  • Scope of delivery (Fly More Combo): DJI Mavic Mini drone, remote control, charging hub, two-way charging hub, transport bag, snap adapter, propeller bracket, connection cable, battery, tools
  • Price (Fly More Combo at NewEgg): $ 645
  • Price (Source: Commentary on DroneDJ): $ 399
  • All statements without guarantee; is based on unofficial advance information

Here you come to the official announcement page: Click

Anyone can fly with liability insurance ...

If the weight of 249 grams proves to be true, then the DJI Mavic Mini can be flown in America without FAA approval. So you only need the necessary change, a country in which the FAA has its finger on the drones and an area that can be flown and filmed over.

The Mavic Mini changes relatively little for Germany, because the next higher weight class is 2 kg - from then on you need proof of knowledge. This puts the Mavic Mini in the same weight class as the Mavic 2 Pro / Zoom and the Mavic Air - but it has worse specs.

In the USA, however, the Mavic Mini falls below the 250 gram mark and is therefore considered a "toy" that can be put into operation without FAA approval. In Germany, you need both a drone license plate and liability insurance for the Mavic Mini. You can find information about this in these two guides:

Why I tend to prefer the DJI Mavic Pro

Small drones and their small, light propellers often make a loud, high-frequency noise. The DJI Mavic 2 Pro, a drone from the manufacturer that is aimed at more demanding private users as well as semi-professional users, is certainly much quieter. This is much more helpful when flying in Germany, as you are much less likely to be hostile to passers-by. As a rule, they are not interested in whether you have a drone license, but only in whether they perceive the drone. For that reason, I would rather recommend the DJI Mavic 2 Pro:

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