DJI Mavic 2 Error Message: "CPU Overloaded" - Causes and Solutions

DJI GO 4 CPU overloaded error

In the last few weeks there have been frequent reports from users of the Mavic 2 Pro or Mavic 2 Zoomthat the error message "CPU overloaded" was thrown in the DJI Go 4 app. This caused confusion, because it was not clear whether the internal CPU of the DJI Mavic 2 was meant or something else. However, if you look at the original message in English, it quickly becomes clear what the cause is: "Mobile device CPU fully loaded".

This means that in this case the CPU of the tablet or smartphone on which the DJI Go 4 app is running is overloaded. I assume that this message is not only and not only related to the Mavic 2, because a friend with an Android tablet told me several months ago that this message appeared and he kept getting stuck in the display Had app. This means that the drone will continue to fly and send the new video data to the tablet, but the tablet is overloaded with computing power and only shows an updated live image every few seconds.

Warning message that users of older mobile devices in particular get: "Mobile device CPU fully loaded" or "CPU overloaded". (Source: Video)

Warning message that users of older mobile devices in particular get: "Mobile device CPU fully loaded" or "CPU overloaded". (Source: Video)

Recommended by DJI: Compatible iPads and iPhones

On the product page of the Mavic 2, DJI recommends the following smartphones and tablets for Apple (at least iOS 9.0):

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8
  • iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6
  • iPhone SE
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad (6th generation)
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad mini 4

Elsewhere on the web I could read that an iPad or iPhone that contains at least the A8 processor, i.e. everything from iPhone 6 or iPad Air 2 (Apple A8X), is recommended. What is true is not so clear, but I would tend to use at least a current iPad or an older iPad Pro or an iPhone from iPhone 8 and up. Then the DJI drones will certainly still work with the device in a year or two.

My tip on the side: If you don't have such a device yet, I can give you one Used trade rebuy recommend, who even gives a 3-year guarantee on the purchased devices and deductible invoices with stated VAT. exhibits. I do not believe in eBay or eBay classifieds, because there are simply too many fraudsters out there. I have already bought iPhones and iPads several times via Rebuy and have only had positive experiences.

Settings in the DJI Go 4 app

The good news is: Even if your iPad or iPhone is weak and displays the warning "CPU overloaded" or "Mobile device CPU fully loaded", that does not mean that you need a new device. The following video explains some settings that can be made to reduce the computing load of the app for the connected device. This should completely prevent the error or at least significantly reduce the frequency of the message.

Since the video is in English and you might not feel like watching it in full, I've written the changes you should make here. Unfortunately I only have the English names of the menu items for you, but I hope you can transfer it to the German settings. Some of these are also off another video and everyone together should have a lot of influence on the error:

  • General settings -> Enable Hardware Decoding -> switch off
  • General settings -> Cache during video shooting -> turn off
  • General Settings -> Record Audio With Video Cache -> turn off
  • General settings -> Cache to SD Card -> switch off
  • General settings -> Auto Clean-up Video Cache -> switch off and press the "Clear Video Cache" button
  • General Settings -> All Warnings -> Press "Clear All Warnings"

If none of that helps, the only real option is to buy a faster mobile device. In general, Apple devices should be the better choice here, as they are better supported by DJI.




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