DJI Mavic Air Care Refresh: repair and replacement

DJI Care Refresh for the Mavic Air drone

With the Care Refresh service, the drone manufacturer DJI offers a kind of “insurance” for its quadrocopters. Of course, you can also order this service for the DJI Mavic Air. It includes insurance that covers damage to the copter - regardless of whether it is your own fault or the fault of a third party. Only one intention must not be recognizable behind it. So if you take off in the pouring rain, you won't have a chance of a replacement.

The replacement of the Mavic Air is not free with the Care Refresh option, but it is very cheap. With a kind of personal contribution of 99 EUR, you can get a new Mavic Air or a “refurbished” model from DJI – i.e. a used device that, however, corresponds to a new Air in terms of quality and warranty.

Buy directly online at DJI: DJI Care Refresh for DJI Mavic Air

With the Care Refresh option, you are back on the road faster with the DJI Mavic Air in the event of an accident.
With the Care Refresh option, you are back on the road faster with the DJI Mavic Air in the event of an accident.

DJI Mavic Air Care Refresh: In these cases does the service work?

In principle, the Care Refresh Service is valid for exactly 12 months from the date of conclusion. If during this time there is an accident with the drone in which it is damaged, it will come to DJI and either be repaired or exchanged for a new model. The Care Refresh takes effect in the following cases:

  • Damage that occurred during transport
  • Pilot error (drone flies into an obstacle)
  • Landing (RTH) in unsuitable terrain
  • Falling or landing of the drone in the water

DJI Care Refresh Mavic Air: These costs arise

To book the option, you first have to pay 99 EUR for the 12-month coverage. Mavic Air is now covered by Care Refresh insurance for the first time. Should it then be damaged, the first exchange will be made for a fee of 89 EUR and a possible second exchange for 119 EUR. If you manage to damage your drone again in such a way that it has to be replaced, you will unfortunately get nothing.

In principle, the care refresh option is available either when purchasing the Mavic Air or later. However, if you exceed the period of 48 hours after purchase, Care Refresh is only possible if you carry out a special test with DJI support. This is necessary so that DJI can see that the drone is not already damaged.

Benefits for Care Refresh customers

In addition to damage coverage, there are other advantages that all customers enjoy with the Care Refresh Service:

  • up to 2 replacement devices within one year
  • special telephone support from DJI
  • The replacement device will be shipped at no extra cost (to the country in which the DJI Mavic Air was originally purchased)
  • VIP priority: your concerns (repair or replacement device) are processed with priority
  • Water damage is covered (if it occurred during “normal” use)
  • With a special express option, which is charged separately, you can get a replacement device more quickly

Buy directly online at DJI: DJI Care Refresh for DJI Mavic Air

Even if DJI Care Refresh covers the damage to the Mavic Air in many cases, there are still special cases in which it does not work and the costs have to be borne by the user. These include, among other things: environmental controls that are not suitable for flying (extreme wind, rain or snow); Assembly of third party propellers; Third-party accessories attached to the drone.

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