DJI Select: Premium service when buying drones

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DJI Select is the premium service package for everyone who would like to buy a professional drone from China. When you buy the first DJI Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Spark, Mavic Pro or Inspire, you should add the Select program to your shopping cart. Currently, the whole thing is available “for a limited time” for only $ 29 or euros per year. I have summarized the advantages you can expect from this in this article. TL; DR: Click here for the campaign page.

You can add the DJI Select program to your shopping cart when you buy a drone and the appropriate care package. Then there are many advantages, vouchers, deals and

Early access opportunities!" width="620″ height="290″ /> You can add the DJI Select program to the shopping cart when you buy a drone and the appropriate care package. This results in many advantages, vouchers, deals and early Access opportunities!

DJI Select - Amazon Prime for drones?

DJI Select is a service from the best-known and most popular Chinese drone manufacturer, which incurs annual costs, but has some advantages. If you want to buy drones to take photos and videos privately or to equip your company with them, then the new service package is just right for you. Roughly summarized, these advantages result from DJI Select:

  • Five exclusive vouchers: 20% discount on accessories for Spark, Mavic Pro, Phantom 3 SE, Phantom 3 Standard and other drones in the future
  • 50% discount on DJI Care: Protection at half price for Spark, Mavic Pro, Phantom 3 SE, Phantom 3 Standard and other drones in the future
  • Be the first to get access to new products and get prioritized delivery before the "normal" ones
  • Select Member Deals: Special offers, deals and discounts exclusively for Select customers
  • Birthday discounts: Discount vouchers so that you can buy DJI devices for less for your birthday

Click here for the offer page

The little catch

That all sounds really good, doesn't it? Basically, this Amazon Prime counterpart for drone pilots is also a great offer and ideal for those of you who want to put together your own DJI drone fleet. However, there is one tiny catch that you should be aware of, but it shouldn't be your damage. Because you can only complete the DJI Select membership if you put a drone, the associated DJI Care package and DJI Select in the shopping cart and then pay everything at full price. In short: there is no discount on the first DJI Care package, although a Care purchase is compulsory to qualify for DJI Select. In DJI's words:

"The 50% DJI Care discount can only be used once during DJI Select's validity period and it does not apply to the initial DJI Care purchase that is required to qualify for DJI Select membership."

Conclusion on the Select program

The DJI Select offer is worthwhile for all of you who don't just buy a drone and then never want to visit the DJI shop again. If you want to buy a camera drone with a care package and buy suitable accessories in the future, a second quadrocopter with photo and video functions as well as deal products from time to time, then you should strike. It's worth it for the five 20% vouchers, the birthday offer and early access alone. You can also pay 29 Dollar or EUR pay in the year;) If you are still looking for a model to enter the world of camera drones, then I recommend these blog posts: The mini drone “DJI Spark” in the test and in comparison to the Mavic Pro and Affordable entry-level drone: DJI Phantom 3 Standard.

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  1. Robert Eichler says:

    On the Dji website in the section
    Select memberships are answered with a no to frequently asked questions about whether they can be canceled.

    Does that mean I have to pay annually until the end of my days?

    • sir appleot says:

      I think you got that wrong. My Select membership just expired and was not automatically renewed. For the reason there is nothing to cancel, because it is not a subscription.

      But personally, I found membership to be quite useless. The offers that they knock out are always only for ancient models and then also limited in time so that it would be a miracle if you needed something at this point in time. I also couldn't notice discounts on new models or faster shipping - so from my point of view: money for your feet!

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