Doxie Go, Go Plus and Go Wi-Fi in comparison: mobile document scanners / feeder scanners for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Doxie Go Wi-Fi for Mac, iPhone and iPad

There are quite a few mobile feeder scanners and they all have certain things in common: They have a built-in battery, usually also built-in memory so that they can scan without a computer and they can output the scans in various formats such as PDF, JPG or similar. Further processing into searchable PDFs with the help of OCR software is usually only done on the Mac or PC, to which the scans are ultimately transferred. This is also the case with the Doxie scanners. Nevertheless, they seem to be very good in terms of size, operation and compatibility with the Mac, if the customer reviews are to be believed.

For this reason, I would like to present three models from Doxie today that are used by a number of people (including Mac users with OS X and iOS) in order to master the mountains of paper on their desks. The prices mentioned were researched in March 2016, but will not be adjusted by me - it is best to check the links on Amazon directly to see what the mobile Doxie scanners currently cost.

Inexpensive, mobile and handy - the "old" Doxie Go

Doxie Go document scanner

The Doxie Go is the cheapest model, but must be connected to a Mac or PC to sync the scans.

Here are the most important technical details about the first Doxie model - "the Doxie Go":

  • battery operated; Battery life is sufficient for approx. 100 pages
  • runs with wireless SD cards to transfer the scans to iPhone or iPad on the go (but then uses more energy and only manages approx. 70 pages with one battery charge
  • saves scans internally (without a computer), expansion with SD card and USB stick possible
  • Mac compatible
  • created among other things. also searchable PDFs and can upload scans to Dropbox or Evernote using the Mac software
  • very small (like a rolled up A4 magazine)
  • fast (a color A4 page with 600 dpi in approx. 8 seconds)
  • no power supply included, only USB charging cable (power supply)
  • Price approx. 160 EUR (the cheapest "Doxie")

Doxi Go Wi-Fi - further developed

Doxie Go Wi-Fi for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Doxie Go Wi-Fi for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Here are all the details there is to know about the most "advanced" Doxie:

  • triple battery life and four times more memory than the old Doxie Go model, which means up to 300 pages on one battery charge
  • Speed ​​like the old Doxie Go: A4 page in 8 seconds
  • improved feed (also works without problems with glossy paper)
  • built-in Wi-Fi for transferring the scans via WLAN to a Mac, iPhone or iPad
  • Power supply unit (USB charging adapter) is included
  • Price approx. 215 EUR

In between: Doxie Go Plus

Doxie Go Plus - the latest generation of mobile scanner

Doxie Go Plus - the latest generation of mobile scanner

The Doxie Go Plus is basically the improved Doxie Go model with more memory and better battery life, but without the WiFi functionality. In terms of price, it is a little below the Doxie Go Wi-Fi, but still at around 190 EUR. Personally, I would add the extra charge for the Doxie Go Wi-Fi so that I also have the wireless function.

Points that apply to all three models

  • All Doxie models work with a feeder that pulls the document in and ejects it on the reverse side - this works not only with A4 sheets, but also with receipts, photos, invoices, notes or the like.
  • The Doxie scanners are feeder scanners, but you can do not insert a stack of sheetswhich is then gradually scanned. Each sheet has to be inserted individually - which is the case with all mobile document scanners of this size.
  • The The built-in battery has a capacity of 7.210 mAh in all Doxie Go models, that means that the Doxie Go Wifi and the Doxie Go Plus work much more energy-efficiently, because they last about three times as long with the same battery charge.
  • If the battery life is not long enough for you, you can consider a big additional battery like that Anker PowerCore + to take with you. This should allow the scanner to be fully charged 1 to 2 times.
  • All three models can no duplex scan (simultaneous scan of the front and back), if you are looking for a mobile duplex scanner for the Mac, you should get the Brother DS-720D watch (which however has no WLAN).
  • The resolution of the Doxie scanners is 600 dpi - more than enough for the daily correspondence. Even 300 dpi is usually sufficient.
  • One can use the Dokie scanner with a Wifi SD card (for example from eyefi, Transcend or Toshiba) (although that would be nonsensical with the Doxie Go Wi-Fi, since it already works via WLAN). This allows the scans to be transferred directly to the computer. But Doxie's support points out that using the Wifi SD cards will noticeably reduce battery life.
  • Expansion of the internal memory is possible with an SD card or a USB stick possible.
  • The supplied software synchronizes the scans with the Mac or PC, performs OCR scans of the documents and forwards them to any application. Multi-page PDFs can also be created.
Doxie software: text recognition (OCR) and the connection to cloud services make the workflow very flexible

Doxie software: text recognition (OCR) and the connection to cloud services make the workflow with the Doxie document scanners very flexible.

Accessories for the mobile Doxie document scanners

For transport there are from Doxie a padded A4-long pocketthat fits all models. This is certainly interesting if you often throw the scanner into a box or want to transport it in a backpack.

Doxie also has one for "worldwide use" Power supply unit with plug adapters on offer (connector for Europe, UK, USA / Japan and Australia). Since there is no power supply unit with the old "Doxie Go", for example, this would certainly be a useful addition.

Conclusion: Doxie offers successful document scanners for mobile use

The customer ratings for all three models are actually almost consistently good. Of course, there are always bad reviews from customers, some of which are caused by defective devices or by special conditions (e.g. the reduced battery life due to the use of a WiFi SD card). Overall, the reviews and the experiences of the customers are very positive and especially the Doxie Go Wi-Fi model, which can also automatically sync to the iPhone and iPad, should be interesting for many people who only work with the iPad on the go.



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