Driving license class B196: Interesting for e-scooters

Since I am playing with the idea of ​​buying a Vespa-sized e-scooter, I took a look at what you need for a driver's license. With the regular B-Class for cars and the like, you can only drive motorcycles, mopeds, mopeds or e-scooters at a maximum speed of 45 km / h. Quite a limitation; not only for yourself, but also for other road users. But since I don't want to get a motorcycle license, I had shelved the topic so far. Then I heard about driving license class B196 on a podcast. It only takes a few hours of theory and practice and you can drive motorcycles up to 125 ccm or e-scooters up to 11 kW. Details can be found in this guide.

With the key 196 for the driving license B you can drive motorized two-wheelers without a test. Information and requirements for the driving license class B196 can be found here.
With the key 196 for the driving license B you can drive motorized two-wheelers without a test. Information and requirements for the driving license class B196 can be found here.

Why the driving license class B196 is interesting for e-scooters

With a class B196 driver's license you can drive motorcycles with up to 125 cc, which is of no interest to me. Because these motorcycles sound like an overloaded lawnmower that turns too high and you are guaranteed to annoy all your neighbors and yourself. Such motorcycles and dirt bikes simply have too little power and therefore fall through the grid for me personally. 

Much more exciting is that with a B196 driver's license you can also drive electric two-wheelers with an output of up to 11 kW. That's a lot of power, because among the 11 kW motorcycles there are models that even go over 100 km / h. I am therefore thinking of upgrading my B driving license to B196 so that I can drive an 11 kW motorcycle in the future. 

I am not interested in driving over 100 things - I certainly lack the knowledge and experience that you can gain with a real motorcycle license. But if you can briefly drive 70 or 80 km / h, that is certainly not wrong. In any case, much better than being an obstacle on every road at 45 km / h. That's why I read up on what the requirements and necessities are for a 196 extension of the class B driving license.

Extension of the driving license class B to include the key 196

So what's behind that? As you have probably already read, you need a class B driver's license, with which you can drive a regular car, for example. Only then should one deal more closely with the matter. What else you need to know about this, I have put together in FAQ form:

What are the requirements for a B196 driving license class?

  • You have to be at least 25 years old 
  • You have to have held a class B driving license for at least 5 years
  • In addition, you have to take theoretical and practical lessons in a driving school

What does the B196 training look like according to the law?

  • The theory consists of at least 4 x 90 minutes motorcycle theory lessons
  • The practice consists of at least 5 x 90 minutes motorcycle driving lessons
  • No theory or practice exam is required

How does the registration of the 196 extension in the B driving license work?

You will receive proof of training from the driving school where you have completed the lessons described above. With this (and ideally also the existing driver's license) you go to the driver's license office to have the code number 196 entered. It is best to take a passport photo with you in case the certificate needs to be re-created.

Drive e-scooters with up to 11 kW thanks to driving license class B196

So if I want to drive an e-scooter the size of a Vespa and with a maximum speed of up to 100 km / h, I basically just have to go to school a little and drive around with guidance. That sounds feasible - and you definitely get a little more driving safety so that you don't fall over with the two-wheeler. A good and easy way to learn how to drive motorized two-wheelers and then use it without an exam. What do you think about it? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic - also and especially if you already have the described career behind you and can share experiences;)

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13 comments on “Driving license class B196: Interesting for e-scooters”

  1. I think the costs for this are really enormous and cheeky.
    Had thought about it too. But I preferred to put money in hand and repair my old Piaggio scooter from the 90s. It is only a 50, but due to its age (45 does not have to adhere to exactly 60) and without tuning it actually easily manages a little over XNUMX on the straight ????

    1. What you can't find in the basement, right?!? ;-)
      Yes, I could make friends with 60 things ... but 45 kmh is just nonsensical ...

    1. You can have the 3rd class transferred to the new classes at any time (don't forget to apply for C1E!).
      And then you can also register the B196 after appropriate training.

  2. If you have no experience with motorized two-wheelers, or if it was some time ago, I would spend a little extra money on the e-scooter and do a few additional driving lessons or driver safety training!
    Things can develop a surprising thrust, and if you're not used to that overall, I don't think it's a good "entry class"!

    1. I hope they built something that prevents a wheelie. Otherwise, of course, it wouldn't be great to have such torque. : D

  3. Good for those who still have such an old rag like me. The 125 cubic are still included. But you're almost too old for that, to ride a moped.

  4. I find it interesting and also play with the ideas.
    However, I have to say that the costs are quite high.
    In addition, many driving schools only offer the training on normal combustion engines and not at all on e-motorcycles or even e-scooters, which drive themselves completely differently due to the automatic system alone but the seating position. That bothers me even more than the high price.

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