DVD resolution - how many pixels does a DVD have?

Imprint DVD aspect ratio
Imprint DVD aspect ratio

No matter what aspect ratio is printed on the DVD - the technical resolution of the DVD video is always the same.

Question: What is the resolution of DVDs? Are there any differences between a normal DVD and a 16: 9 DVD?

Answer: The standard resolution of a DVD is set to 720 x 576 pixels (WxH). The fact that some DVDs output films in 4: 3 and some in 16: 9 format does not change the resolution technically, because in the 16: 9 format black bars are simply "built in" at the top and bottom. This gives you the widescreen format on a DVD.

The DVD video resolution offers 414.720 pixels - i.e. 4,1 MP. This shows how "bad" this resolution actually is when you compare it with today's devices in the Full HD or Bluray range.

The aspect ratio of a DVD film is usually also stated on the DVD sleeves. There you will find information such as 1,78: 1, which corresponds to a 16: 9 ratio; or 1,85: 1, which corresponds to the Cinemascope format. All of these formats are based on the normal DVD resolution of 720 x 576 pixels.

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