What is the Dynamic Island on iPhone 14?

A call in Dynamic Island - looks almost the same as before, but the animations make it up. Unfortunately, you can't see them here.

There were a few rumors before the iPhone 14 keynote that said the notch would turn into more of a pill-shaped area, which is in the upper part of the display, but not on the edge, as is currently the case with the Notch is the case.

While that iPhone 14 but the good old Notch has installed, they have iPhone 14 Pro models this new pill cavity that Apple has given the evocative name Dynamic Island.

With the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple has made the TrueDepth camera on the front smaller so that it takes up less space on the display. This is to ensure that the Dynamic Island does not cover any space that represents important content on the iPhone.

There is still a notch, but in the iPhone 14 Pro it adjusts its size and shape according to the requirements of iOS.
There is still a notch, but in the iPhone 14 Pro it adjusts its size and shape according to the requirements of iOS.

Stroke of genius for interacting with the iPhone

In my opinion, the idea of ​​accommodating a pill-shaped notch in the iPhone display does not yet deserve much praise, since other smartphone manufacturers have already come up with it.

But Apple has thought about how to use this dark recess in user interaction. Participating in this consideration was certainly how to cleverly "hide" this black area optically so that it does not jump out too much in the face of the user. There is an area of ​​the Dynamic Island that always has to be black due to the hardware, but the area around this area also adapts in size and displays different things.

Even interaction by tapping or holding elements of the Dynamic Island is possible and offers completely new possibilities when operating the iPhone.

From my point of view, the solution that Apple comes up with here is simply brilliant and the name "Dynamic Island" describes it quite well: The black area is an island and because it is used in many apps to display specific information or Displaying system hints also makes them dynamic.

And the examples that Apple in the Keynote has shown have impressed me. One really gets the impression that this pill notch doesn't really bother, but is well integrated into the system.

Apple has a good video showing what the feature can do:

Dynamic Island with fancy animations

I used to not be a fan of animations, because back then such things actually had a noticeable impact on the battery life of the iPhone. With the A16 chip, the graphics performance of the iPhone 14 Pro is so great that these small animations are no longer a challenge.

And I have to say: I like these gimmicks. With the Dynamic Island, this is being introduced in many areas where it was previously not used. With Face ID, the Dynamic Island enlarges and shows the animation that you know from unlocking via Face ID. When a call is received, the Dynamic Island expands to show the caller's name and photo. If you hang up, it shrinks again and disappears into the little pill.

I think these things are small things, but they add a lot of fun to using the device.

Here you can guess how, for example, Face ID is integrated into the Dynamic Island.
Here you can guess how, for example, Face ID is integrated into the Dynamic Island. The actual notch is no longer visible, although it is still in the black area at the top.

New information in the Dynamic Island

In the keynote, Apple pointed out that app developers have the option of displaying data about their app in the Dynamic Island. For example, if an app is running in the background, it can still display information via the dynamic area, even if the user no longer has the app itself in focus.

But Apple's own apps also use the Dynamic Island diligently, so, among other things, a running timer is displayed there, as you could see on the keynote.

I think this user interface element is an absolute plus for usability. I can see how much this affects everyday life with the iPhone 14 Pro Max when I finally hold the iPhone 14 Pro Max in my hands.

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2 comments on “What is the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14?”

  1. Hello, Jens! You praise the Dynamic Island in the highest tones without having tried the gimmick reality. That's very daring and I assume you'll get a big reward for it.
    In any case, my experiences with the Iceland are sobering. I don't see the benefit, only really noticed it a few times and could happily do without it.
    A useless gimmick!
    Best regards

    1. Hello Hannes! I've had my iPhone 14 Pro Max for a while now and also use the Dynamic Island. You write about my opinion: "That's very daring and I assume you'll get a big reward for it."

      In earnest? Do you think Apple will pay me anything for writing something positive about the Dynamic Island as a little blogger??? Then you have a very wrong picture of the world. Apple probably doesn't even have me on their radar and they certainly don't pay bloggers anything for any positive news. Unfortunately, they don't even send me loaned test equipment for tests.

      So you can be sure that you are reading my pure, unbiased opinion.

      But back to the Dynamic Island. I think it's basically a good idea to use the camera lock sensibly, but I only use it here and there to get to the podcast or music app that's playing. So I could do without it.

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