EarSkinz for EarPods and AirPods: covers for Apple headphones prevent falling out

If you like the EarPods from Apple always plop out of the eavesdroppers while running or doing other activities, then they could help you EarSkinz Covers ES2 help. Since the shape of the EarPods and the AirPods is not entirely dissimilar, the rubber sleeves can also be used with the new wireless headphones from Cupertino.

The EarSkinz for Apple EarPods are designed to prevent them from falling out of the ears. So doing sports with Apple headphones is possible - possibly with the new AirPods. The EarSkinz can be bought cheaply on Amazon.

The EarSkinz for Apple EarPods are designed to prevent them from falling out of the ears. So doing sports with Apple headphones is possible - possibly with the new AirPods. The EarSkinz can be bought cheaply on Amazon.

Jogging and exercising with Apple EarPods: thanks to EarSkinz

The earplugs from Apple are stylish, and if you don't move too much, they are also responsible for continuous music enjoyment. However, during physical activity, jogging, on the treadmill, doing floor exercises and the like, the EarPods can derail undesirably. Who does not Sports headphones or want to switch to in-ears, you can order the EarSkinz on Amazon. These rubber covers are designed to prevent Apple headphones from falling out.

EarSkinz EarPod Covers (ES2)
More comfort when using the EarPods from Apple; Comfortable to wear and adapted to the ergonomics of the ear / Better grip during workout or jogging / EarSkinz are also designed for better sound - they guide sound and bass more directly into the ear canal

Also use EarSkinz with the AirPods? Possible…

At the Apple Keynote in September 2016, in addition to the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and other innovations from Cupertino, the Apple AirPods presented. It didn't take long for the network community to hit on the wireless headphones and prophesy that the pieces will be lost in no time. Especially Twitter was a collective freaking out. The EarSkinz could smooth things over in this regard and ensure that the AirPods don't fall out of your ears. If you are looking for another way of not losing your earplugs, there is one for you AirPods Strap.

Conclusion on the topic

If you want to shine while exercising with the visually nice headphones from Apple, you can order the EarSkinz covers for the EarPods. In any case, these rubber cuffs, which can be individually selected in terms of color, are cheaper than purchasing new sports headphones. Have you been able to gain experience with the parts? Feel free to leave a comment! ;)



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  1. Horst Hader says:

    I ordered the Earskinz to try it out. These are definitely worth a try, otherwise my earpods are just lying around in the packaging. Contact me again with a testimonial.

    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Hello Horst! That would be great! I am looking forward to your opinion. My EarPods actually fit very well in your ears. I only ever have problems with in-ear headphones. Maybe my ear canals are crooked. ;)

  2. Horst Hader says:

    I bought and tried some in-ears. E.g. From UE, Bose, Taotronics. The UE was the best in terms of sound. I bought this at Amazon on Black Friday for half the normal price (300 €). The Taotronics surprised me again yesterday. The playback of the surround sound from my Sony Soundbase via Bluetooth was amazing. The piano playing to the accompanying music from the Medical Detectives series could be precisely located in the room. You could almost believe that the piano player and instrument are standing on a small pedestal to my left. These Taotronics TT-BH007 are actually a phenomenon or can be recommended without reservation. At this point, thank you again for the tip.

    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Hello Horst! Thanks for your praise. To be honest, I tested the TaoTronics without any great expectations. I thought that this is another Chinese headphone jab that, with a lot of luck, sounds mediocre. But like you, they surprised me too! You can't really go wrong with them for the price. ;)

  3. Dirk says:

    I just rediscovered the blog, that's a brilliant recommendation. Will put the EarSkins directly under the little Christmas tree. Thank you very much and praise the great articles, I like it better than the inflated advertising pages, where you can hardly find good articles for all the advertising.
    Greetings Dirk

  4. Horst Hader says:

    Got the earskinz yesterday. Work really well. The only point of criticism, if it really is one, is the somewhat fiddly covering (reminded me of the first time with K ...). A clear improvement can be seen in the sound and falling out is practically no longer a problem. I could not determine how it behaves during sports, at least when walking fast, the earpods hold reliably. I tried the Earskinz with earpods on my IPhone SE. I had the color 'concrete' which is hardly noticeable. For me, the earpods and earskins fit perfectly. Even after about 1 hour there was still no uncomfortable wearing comfort. I don't know whether the Earskinz also harmonize so well with the Airpods design accident, but I can certainly imagine. My conclusion: € 8,95 (at Amazon) which is definitely worth it. Definitely a good tip!
    Now I would like to wish Jens, his team and all the readers of 'Sir Apfelot' a peaceful, reflective Christmas and a healthy and successful 2017


    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Hello Horst!

      Thank you for your assessment of the EarSkinz! I find it interesting. Especially the point where you fumble over it. ;-)
      Actually, I also wanted to write a Christmas post, but if I can't do it anymore (the Christmas tree is still in front of the door!), I would like to take this opportunity to thank you readers, without whom Sir Apfelot would only be half as nice . I also wish you a Merry Christmas, a nice tree festival (for those who can't do anything with Christmas) and a Happy New Year!
      LG! Jens alias Sir Apfelot!
      PS: At this point I would also like to thank Johannes, who actively supports me with many articles and ideas! All the best to you for Christmas and the New Year too!

      • Johannes Domke says:

        I'll join in and wish Horst and all the other readers of this blog a Merry Christmas, a reflective Hanukkah festival, a beautiful tree festival, a wonderful Yule festival with warm nights and only the best design for all other celebrations, holidays and holidays!
        Of course, this also applies to Jens! Have a wonderful party and a little rest. May the highs of 2016 become the lows of 2017, and that we can bring this blog even further forward;)
        Ho ho ho!

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