Edifier Luna e25 HD Eclipse 2.0 in the test - good, external speakers for the Mac?

Edifier Luna e25 HD Eclipse in the test

A few weeks ago I had a short email conversation with my reader Uwe, who was looking for external speakers for his iMac that should also have an optical input so that they can be connected to his Thunderbolt 3 dock "CalDigit TS3 Plus" can connect. Up until now, I had not dealt with loudspeakers that have an optical input because I do not use this myself. So I could only contribute little to his search. He then opted for a 2.0 system from Edifier (Edifier Luna e25 HD Eclipse) and was so kind as to write me - and you - a little experience report on these boxes. Here we go!

Ok, but not great: the integrated iMac speakers

I only got the idea of ​​considering external speakers for the iMac when the speakers on my wife's Windows PC stopped working (Edifier C2 2.1 system). After fixing this problem and listening to music for a test, I noticed quite a difference to the built-in iMac speakers. A comparison with the same song confirmed that. At first I wasn't ready for an additional investment, but the subject pierced my subconscious.

Visually, the Edifier speakers are definitely an eye-catcher on the desk (Photo: Amazon).

Visually, the Edifier speakers are definitely an eye-catcher on the desk (Photo: Amazon).

My choice: Edifier Luna e25 HD Eclipse

After various searches and the support of Sir Apfelot, I decided to buy Edifier Luna e25 HD decided (the 2.0 version without subwoofer).

The set is packaged in a good quality. The loudspeakers are in the packaging in matching fabric bags, which are tied with a cord. A small, rectangular box with the instruction manual is attached to the lid of the packaging with Velcro. The power supply unit and all cables are housed in an extra box on the side, each additionally protected with sturdy plastic sleeves that are open on the sides.

When I started up, I initially had the problem that the left speaker was significantly quieter than the right. After checking the cable connection of the two speakers, I found that the cable on the left was probably not properly plugged in. So if anyone has any problems with this, it may be because of that.

Touc controls can be found on the side of the boxes, which can be operated by tapping or swiping (Photo: Edifier).

Touc controls can be found on the side of the boxes, which can be operated by tapping or swiping (Photo: Edifier).

Connection to CalDigit TS3 Dock with optical cable

I am pleased that the speakers also have an optical input. This was not clearly visible beforehand, as photos in the network sometimes showed an optical interface and sometimes didn't. At first, when researching, I suspected that the optical interface was only available for the version with the subwoofer. This is not the case, a corresponding cable is included. This enabled me to connect the Edifier system to the Thunderbolt 3 station CalDigit TS3 Plus connect.

Technical data of the Edifier Luna

Here is a small insert from Sir Apfelot, because I wanted to include the technical data in the article. I made it easy for myself and simply copied this as a screenshot from the manual:

Technical specifications of the Edifier Luna e25 (source: Edifier).

Technical specifications of the Edifier Luna e25 (source: Edifier).

Audio transmission via bluetooth

The Bluetooth connection works without any problems. Simply connect to the Edifier in the Bluetooth settings on the Mac. In terms of sound, I personally didn't notice any difference (pop / rock). Only the volume is much lower via Bluetooth. In other words, you have to increase the volume significantly with the Bluetooth connection. The volume controls are very finely adjusted and you can control over a wide range.

I did not test the connection via the 3,5 mm audio cable to the headphone jack of the iPad (late 2017).

Top sound: decent bass and crystal clear highs

The sound quality of the Edifier Luna e25 HD is excellent to my ears. It's amazing what volume the relatively small speakers offer, plus clean highs. The same goes for the bass. As far as I know, highs and lows are located in the loudspeakers separately in the upper / lower area. Overall, for me, the sound quality is significantly better than that of the iMac's built-in speakers. Not surprising when you consider the size and depth of the iMac speakers.

If you want to take a look at the Edifier Luna e25 HD Eclipse, you will find it here at Amazon or via this product box:

EDIFIER Luna E25 designer speaker set with Bluetooth (74 watts), white
  • Powerful and extravagant 2.0 speaker system with Bluetooth connectivity and remote control
  • Output power (RMS): 2x 15W + 2x 22W; 2 passive bass membranes for powerful bass reproduction; DSP technology and DRC ...
  • Touch-sensitive buttons for volume, play / pause, next / previous track and standby

Thanks again to Uwe. If I still had space on my desk for the great designer speakers from Edifier, I would get them. But the office sound system is handled by him anyway HomePodso that I won't be tempted. : D


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