ELE Secret USB stick with fingerprint security at Amazon (Updated)

The ELE Secret is a USB 2.0 memory stick with a fingerprint sensor. With this flash memory you can not only back up your data and files up to a maximum of 64 GB of total storage, but also make them individually accessible. You only release the stick for reading and writing with your fingerprint. Ideal for everyone who has to carry around a lot of data for work.

ELE Secret USB stick with fingerprint sensor and 64 GB memory now with a 50% discount! Image: elephone.hk
ELE Secret USB stick with fingerprint sensor and 64 GB memory now with a 50% discount! Image: elephone.hk

ELE Secret is cheap for just under an hour!

On the manufacturer's website you can only get the stick for an hour and a few minutes at a discounted price of $ 34,99 instead of $ 69,99! If you want to secure this deal, click on the link below:

Click here to go directly to the ELEPhone Shop with the ELE Secret Flash SalePromotion has ended - so you shouldn't order more in the online shop, as the price + shipping will be higher than the price at Amazon (see below)

Buy ELE Secret Fingerprint USB Stick from Amazon

If you search for ELESecret or ELE Secret you won't find it straight away. But if you look for a USB stick fingerprint, you will also find this stick with an additional security feature. It is marketed by Ele as the “Uvistar Fingerprint Micro USB Stick 64GB Memory Stick”. However, the price exceeds the deal noticeably:

No products found.

Alternative to the ELE Secret: Farsler 32 GB or 64 GB USB stick with sensor

Farsler has a similar device in different colors and with a choice of 32 GB or 64 GB storage space. The fingerprint sensor brings additional security for your data. There is a 4-star customer review that convinced the product.

Farsler 32/64 GB USB stick with high-speed fingerprint encryption and double storage gold ...
  • DM PD061 32 GB USB stick: fingerprint encryption, high-speed identification, double memory, ...
  • Fingerprint encryption: a combination of secure data storage and biometric technology for ...
  • High-speed identification: Fast fingerprint recognition, secure, plug-and-play, time-saving when transferring ...

If you are basically looking for a crypto USB stick but don't need a fingerprint sensor, you can also go to my post about these encrypted USB sticks with password protection read in. These sticks are also a serious alternative for securely transporting your data.

Your opinion on fingerprint secured USB sticks

Which device do you choose? Do you have a secured USB stick from another manufacturer in use? Feel free to leave a comment! :)

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