Electric compressed air cleaner - the alternative to compressed air from a can

The cleaning of computers and electronics, peripherals, accessories and other objects can be done in different ways. The vacuum cleaner is only useful if no parts of the object to be cleaned can be sucked in. Cleaning with puffs of air can be an alternative. But if you don't want to buy compressed air in a can, you can use an electric compressed air cleaner - a kind of leaf blower for computers, keyboards, the household, the car and more. With the right accessories, you can get to hard-to-reach places.

An electric compressed air cleaner is the ideal alternative to compressed air from a can. It's also better than a vacuum cleaner for cleaning electronics and accessories. Product picture: IT Dusters / Amazon
An electric compressed air cleaner is the ideal alternative to compressed air from a can. It's also better than a vacuum cleaner for cleaning electronics and accessories. Product picture: IT Dusters / Amazon

The electric compressed air cleaner "CompuCleaner"

The CompuCleaner from IT Dusters is a compressed air cleaner with a power connection that has been rated as good and very good by users. The compressed air device for office, industry and home has 500 watts of power and - unlike compressed air cans - does not lose its puff performance over time. Since the pressure of compressed air from the can decreases with use, its use becomes more and more ineffective. A new purchase is therefore necessary quickly.

The CompuCleaner electric compressed air cleaner, on the other hand, maintains its performance, as it is supplied with power at the socket and therefore no battery problems are to be expected. You can find more details, pictures and customer ratings on the Amazon product page. For different locations and hard-to-reach places this set is recommendedthat can also be used on the vacuum cleaner.

CompuCleaner - Electric Dust Blower - Air Duster, keyboard cleaning kit, camera...
  • COMPLETE DEEP CLEANING: Simply blow away trapped dust and dirt from PCs and laptops. Game consoles, ...
  • IMMEDIATE PERFORMANCE: With the push of a button, you unleash a never-ending stream of clean, filtered, and high-precision ...
  • ERGONOMIC: The light and robust design houses an industrial 500 watt motor (.0,75 hp) that never ...
0,97 EUR
Menalux D18N micro nozzle set (accessories, nozzles for detailed cleaning, 7-piece set, adapter, ...
  • Optimal detailed cleaning: of keyboards, computers, televisions, stereo systems, electrical appliances, model making and others ...
  • 5 nozzles: 2 crevice nozzles for small joints and cracks - 2 soft furniture brushes for gentle cleaning of sensitive ...
  • Practical: storage box for the accessories included - everything in one place - no need to find the right part

Customer questions and answers / customer reviews

For example, if you clean your computer, remove crumbs from the Apple MacBook keyboard or (from a distance) your own Clean Apple AirPods can get impressions from previous users on the product page linked above. When asked whether the CompuCleaner can replace compressed air sprays from a can, there is an unequivocal yes:

With this part you can also get the dirt out of the power supply. It's been a long time and I can say that compressed air sprays are poor in terms of price / performance in comparison. Imagine it like a little leaf blower - it is loud enough, but the dust is history. But I would recommend you not to clean your computer in your apartment. Balcony, garage, in the summer in the garden wherever you can live with it when some dust collects, because it flies uncontrollably through the air as soon as you start.

There are a total of 61 customer ratings; 76% give 5 stars, 18% give 4 stars (as of April 16, 2019).

Alternative to the USB vacuum cleaner

For the keyboard, monitor, Bluetooth speaker and many other areas, such an electric compressed air cleaner is certainly a good alternative to USB mini vacuum cleaners, all of which have very mixed ratings. They often have too little suction power to suck in cookie crumbs. You can definitely blow them away with the compressed air cleaner. Compressed air is also easier to get into edges and thin cracks or it can be guided under stuck objects instead of just “pulling” on it on one side. And that with the device named above is much more powerful than with the USB suction cups;)

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