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AldiTalk email support

I'm not doing this blog entry entirely unselfishly, because since I've recently landed at AldiTalk, there is a need here and there to contact support by email. Unfortunately, the network providers do not make it easy for you to get to the contact form, because that means that people have to deal with a customer problem and that in turn means costs. So you are usually sent through some FAQ for several clicks and referred to chargeable service numbers. If you don't feel like doing it, just go this way:

AldiTalk North Support:
AldiTalk South Support:

And then go to the "Contact" field. Then a text appears that contains a button "contact form" below. Once you have clicked on this, you can also fill out the form.

From my side: good luck. :)

AldiTalk email support

With the contact form on the site you can reach the AldiTalk email support free of charge.


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  1. Riedel, Jürgen says:

    Unfortunately, I can't extend my internet flat rate again despite having enough credit! However, for professional and private reasons, I have to rely heavily on mobile internet; an option can neither be canceled nor re-booked

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Jurgen! I would prefer to contact AldiTalk Support directly, because as a blogger I can't really do much there. :)

  2. loading wig says:

    Good day! For 3 weeks now, I and others can no longer use our phone cards! Nothing works in our catchment area! It works when I drive into Cottbus! How can that be????? Why is it not being fixed ?????? I cannot take or make calls at home !!!!! Do we all have to change providers ???????? We're all a little upset !!!!!

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello! Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I am not the AldiTalk support hotline ... but I have described here on the page how to reach it. They can certainly help. LG! Jens

  3. Stand says:

    With Alditalk, I have poor internet reception on my new smartphone.
    Samsung Galaxy 3/6
    Please help me

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Mr. Stand! Unfortunately, I'm neither ALDI-Talk nor Samsung Support ... I think you should contact Aldi-Talk directly. I have described the contact options above.

  4. Manfred Boekle says:

    I have difficulty setting up the APN on my Aldi Talk. No mobile data possible

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