Emergency bracelet: SOS bracelet for children, seniors and many other users

There are different types of emergency wristbands. Which one you want to use depends on the application.

Since the readership of this blog is diverse and ranges from seniors over 70 years of age to parents with small children, the topic of emergency wristbands or SOS wristbands should be addressed in this article. Although it does not fit 100% into an Apple blog, there are also apps and functions available in iOS that can help in an emergency. With this sheet I would like to address the issue of emergency wristbands and offer you a comprehensive insight.

Emergency wristbands are available in different designs - for allergy sufferers, children and seniors (source: Amazon)

Emergency wristbands are available in different designs - for allergy sufferers, children and seniors (source: Amazon)

SOS wristband for emergencies: models for seniors

In old age, everything goes a little slower, because unfortunately it is also more difficult. The body doesn't always do what the head wants, and sometimes overall health is no longer the best. Instead of exposing yourself to a risk with these sensitivities, you can simply equip yourself with an emergency bracelet. The emergency call, a preset number or another contact can be dialed with a button on the SOS bracelet.

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In-house emergency call with ID bracelet and receiver for the socket

With this set, the senior citizen or another person who should communicate in an emergency wears the ID bracelet (does not have to be removed in the shower) and the nursing staff or relatives in the house equip themselves with the recipient. If the wearer of the bracelet presses the button, a signal sounds at the receiver:

ELDAT RS10: House emergency call with radio emergency bracelet for the care of the elderly, care of the elderly and ...
  • Always at hand for the sick and the elderly. Take away the fear of your loved ones not to be heard in an emergency ...
  • Easiest operation: the radio call is triggered by briefly pressing the wrist transmitter. The recipient responds with ...
  • Mobile receiver: The receiver can be removed from the socket and plugged into another socket.

SOS bracelet with mobile phone and adjustable emergency number

According to the reviews on the product page, the Maxcom MM 715 is a good mobile phone for seniors and other users who want or should dial a certain number using an emergency bracelet (included in the set). A SIM card is required for the large-button telephone, the emergency number can be set individually:

Maxcom MM 715 large key cell phone with emergency bracelet (4,5 cm (1,8 inch) color display, large ...
  • Big Button Cell Phone with Waterproof Emergency Call Bracelet
  • German menu navigation and operating instructions. Can be operated with a large (prepaid) SIM card
  • set up to 5 emergency contacts

ID emergency bracelet with important information and / or GPS

The following two models are advertised primarily for children, but also generally for all other potential carriers. The first is a wristband with a USB stick on which all relevant medical information is stored (blood group, allergies, medication intake, emergency contacts, etc.) and the second is a tracker with GPS for finding children or possibly dementia patients .

UTAG ICE bracelet for identification and assignment

The bracelet from UTAG shows the international symbol for medicine and thus indicates its use to emergency services and doctors. Before putting it on, the built-in USB stick should of course be provided with the carrier's data. You can find details on this in this YouTube video.

Emergency SOS bracelet USB security for school children Kids pink
  • USB 1.1 / 2.0, Windows7, ME / 2000 / XP / Vista Samsung NAND chip
  • Explanation of the software: Youtube: "UTAG ICE Software"
  • 2 GB stick, 1,86 GB free for music, pictures, data ...

TURNMEON watch for children with GPS tracker, call function, etc.

TURNMEON offers various children's watches with GPS, emergency and call functions. Some also bring their own buttons for mom and dad so that the child can easily target the desired emergency contact. In the meantime, or in the event of an emergency call, the parents can check the child's GPS position. I'm not linking to a specific model here, I want you guys instead, the link to a list of search results give. There you can choose the right model. (A SIM card may be required for emergency calls) Here is an expensive but extensive Made In Germany alternative: Click .

Emergency bracelet with important information via NFC

NFC or Near Field Communication is a radio standard for short distances. For, among other Apple Pay and similar services, this technology is also used in the Vital ID emergency bracelet. According to the Amazon product page, it is compatible with Windows, Android and BlackBerry (no iOS?). The wearer's medical and personal data can be called up via NFC. Inside the bracelet there are also real writable tapes on which contacts and information can be written:

Smartphone Compatible Children's Identity Emergency Wristband. Child safety emergency bracelet identity ...
  • New for 2015 smartphone compatible child safe bracelet
  • Safe and easy. Comfortable and waterproof
  • Unlimited information

Apple emergency pass: an alternative to a piece of paper?

On a bracelet or elsewhere, you can note that the most important data, medical details, status as an organ donor or the like are on a note in the wallet or similar. You can also write down an emergency number. The Apple emergency card or the corresponding health App offers similar benefits. Paramedics, doctors and others who find someone who has had an accident can use their iPhone to access the most important data. On the lock screen, the iOS Health app's emergency pass can be accessed at the bottom left via "Emergency".

Send an emergency call from the lock screen and Siri

If you want to make an SOS emergency call yourself from your iPhone because something has happened to you or you are not feeling well, you can do so without having to unlock your iPhone. Even Siri can be made to call 5 with "call an ambulance" or similar commands. Do you want to test it out beforehand? That works, because a countdown counts down XNUMX seconds until the emergency call actually goes out. But be careful: abuse and unjustified calls are included punishable.

Conclusion on the subject of the SOS bracelet

What do you think of the topic of emergency wristbands or SOS wristbands? Does the emergency call make sense on its own or is the digital data on a stick / via NFC also helpful? How do you feel about GPS watches for children or seniors? Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion or even your experiences. If you can recommend a certain product, I would be happy too! All the best! :)

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  1. el moro says:

    Thanks for the overview.
    This test is not entirely complete.
    The following parameters should also be met.
    Emergency call systems must be able to stop an ongoing conversation and then push ahead.
    Or the device has to call a next number and repeat the loop until a caller picks it up.
    Have a nice day.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello El Moro! A friend of mine is working with a doctor to develop an emergency bracelet with an app for Android. He said they were simply dependent on the limits of the operating system. I believe that an app cannot simply break off a call on the iPhone under iOS either. The operating system probably simply does not give her any rights to do this. Then, unfortunately, the app programmers can't change much about it ... but your advice is definitely good! A loop with multiple numbers definitely makes sense!

  2. el moro says:

    Yes that's right….
    Such systems have already been developed in Switzerland, for example at the telecommunications provider Swisscom.
    Some of them can't work with a cell phone.
    Meanwhile, everything will change with the introduction of VOIP

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