Empty iPhone Safari cache - this is how you delete the cache of the Apple browser

In the mobile Apple operating system iOS you can use the integrated Internet browser Safari on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to surf the Internet. From time to time, however, errors can occur, for example if the page is updated by the provider, but you only get the old version (incorrect) displayed. This is mostly due to the cache of the app, the so-called cache and cookies and co. In these instructions, I will explain how you can empty the iPhone Safari cache in order to delete the outdated cache.

Do you want to clear the iPhone Safari cache in order to clear the cache of the Apple browser under iOS? Then I have the right instructions for you here!
Do you want to clear the iPhone Safari cache in order to clear the cache of the Apple browser under iOS? Then I have the right instructions for you here!

Problem detection: My cache problem

I recently had the problem that I had to look for a bug in the mobile version of a customer website that only occurred with the iPhone. The problem: Whenever I changed something on the website in the CSS, Safari still showed me the old version because the browser temporarily stores the data and accesses the cache. But to force him to reload the page completely, you have to empty the cache in the settings on the iPhone. I have put together for you how to do this - also for use under iOS on the iPad and iPod Touch.

Instructions: clear iPhone Safari cache / clear cache

In order to be able to delete the history, cache and cookies, you have to go into the settings of iOS. Here are the step-by-step instructions for easy copying:

  1. Calls the Settings of the device
  2. Tap on the menu item Safari
  3. Then choose Clear history and website data from

The convenience of this procedure is that although the history, cache and so on are deleted, data for automatically filling out page forms is retained. So if you log in to some pages with saved login data or if you have the delivery data for the delivery service filled in automatically, this will also work after deleting the cache, cookies and the like in Safari under iOS.

Operation not possible: Option is grayed out

If you want to use the above instructions to empty the iPhone Safari cache, but the option is only displayed in gray - i.e. not active - in the settings, then this can have two causes. For one thing, there may be no data to remove. So if you have set that no surfing data is saved or you have just carried out the above process, then this is the problem.

On the other hand, it may be due to an activated parental control. So if you have been surfing the Internet with Safari and still get the menu item "Delete history and website data" in gray, then take a look here:

  1. Go to the Settings of the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
  2. Then select the point in it General
  3. Tap in the General menu limitations
  4. Then scroll to the field Acceptable content
  5. Then tap on Websites

Frequently Asked Questions

I hope that the instructions for clearing the iPhone Safari cache will help you to clear the cache of the Apple browser on iOS and thus eliminate errors. By the way, removing the cached data and cookies can also help to free up a bit of memory on the Apple mobile device. You can find even more solutions in the event that your iPhone memory is full here: Tips and tricks for more space on the Apple smartphone. Do you have any questions about the topic here? Then leave a comment - or take a look Apple Support past ;)

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