Enigma for iPhone and Mac: Encrypt messages and text securely

If you want to encrypt messages that you send in WhatsApp, iMessage and Co via iPhone, iPad and Mac, then you should take a look at the Enigma. History lovers among you know: there is no other machine that is as synonymous with encryption as the Enigma. It was used by the German armed forces during World War II to send encrypted messages. You can use the app or online service to get the Enigma's encryption for iPhone, iPad and Mac to send WhatsApp messages, SMS, e-mails and more as secretly as possible.

Enigma App iPhone iOS

Mininigma app for iPhone: Enigma encryption for iPhone and iPad.

Enigma encryption for iPhone, Mac and Co

Briefly in advance: of course, it does not help if only you as the sender use the encryption for messages. The recipient should also use the same tool with the same settings in order to be able to decrypt what has been received. By the way, there are many settings. Some services also let you use day codes and set your own specifications. Cracking the codes should take at least a week, even with high-performance computers for domestic use and brute force.

Mininigma: Enigma Machine Simulator as an iOS app

Mininigma is an app by Horacio Jimenez which, in addition to an encryption tool in the app itself, also has special keyboards for common Messaging apps and brings writing programs. So you can encrypt and send securely texts, messages, e-mails and more on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8.0 or higher. The app costs € 2,29; you will get the details of the mobile program on iTunes.

Use Enigma online on all devices

A Online simulator for the Enigma machine there was once under terrylong.org. The site is also still active; but in my test run it was useless. Apart from error messages, there wasn't much to see. So maybe you should on this side drop by. There is an Enigma encryption tool there, in which you can make many of your own settings. There is also an introduction to the code, the source code of the tool and the possibility of using daily keys, i.e. codes that are updated daily.

Encrypt with an online tool: This is how you make messages illegible for third parties on Mac, PC and Co.

Enigma cracks at the cipher event

Now you know how you can encrypt messages, e-mails and SMS using old, yet effective technology. Incidentally, the Cipher Event in April 2017 was without an iPhone, Mac and Co. There replicas of the Enigma were used to send radio messages. A team of “opponents” then tried to decipher these messages with so-called “Turing bombs”. It took the professionals and history buffs five hours. Has a detailed report on it heise.de.



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