Readers question: Multifunctional device Epson Stylus Office BX525WD under Mac OS X 10.10 EL Capitan

Inkjet multifunction device Epson Stylus Office BX 525 WD

Question: Hello and have a good day! Since installing OS X 10.10 El Captain, my multifunction device EPSON STYLUS Office BX 525 WD is no longer addressed in the scan area. The message appears that the "interface is not completed". I've already loaded the driver and scan software. Do you have any advice?

Inkjet multifunction device Epson Stylus Office BX 525 WD

It is questionable whether the Epson Stylus Office BX 525 WD multifunctional inkjet device will still receive suitable drivers for OS X 10.10. An "upgrade" to a newer model may be the safe choice (Photo: Epson).

Answer: I've done a little research and haven't gotten very smart. The software you use to do the scans is called "Epson Scan"? Anyway, this seems to be the Mac App to be used by other people reporting problems on forums. For this reason, I looked for the software and found a few tips.

The support page for the device at Epson is this here:

There is at Problems with OS X Yosemite In any case, be advised that you have the latest Epson says something that you should remove the old software before installing new software. So it can be assumed that you should definitely use the latest version for El Capitan. It looks like the software will be automatically renewed with the software update from Apple. So that's probably not the problem.

There is currently no support from Epson for this multifunctional device

While searching for "Epson" and "El Capitan" I came across another Epson support site. As far as I understand it, this page lists the devices that are currently supported by Mac OS X "El Capitan":
Unfortunately I can't find your multifunctional device "Stylus Office Bx525WD" there. If I've read it correctly in various forums, Epson will gradually work its way through the drivers so that older devices are also supported again, but at some point a printer will of course no longer be updated. With this device, the time could have come, because the BX525WD is already over 5 years old and is no longer available in stores.
So the solution is either to be patient and hope that the drivers will be updated at some point (this would then happen automatically with the Apple software update) or you grab a new device.

Alternative: Epson Expression Premium XP-630 inkjet multifunction printer

Epson Expression XP-630

Epson Expression XP-630 - the alternative to the BX525WD, which is no longer supported by OS X (Photo: Amazon).

Amazon lists the "Epson Expression XP-525" as a new model for the outdated BX630WD. At a little over 100 EUR, the inkjet multifunction printer is certainly a good purchase and the option of printing via Wifi on an iPad or iPhone is also built in.

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