Escape Room Advent Calendar: Exciting Advent season with 24 tips

Escape rooms have grown in popularity in recent years. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, it was not a good idea to stay longer in closed rooms with puzzles; but corresponding games for at home have been booming. Escape room game boxes can be a good present for Christmas, but even before that you can find tips to escape an awkward situation. Which is it? It differs from advent calendar to advent calendar. Below are a few examples of good reviews Escape Room Advent Calendar.

Exciting Escape Room Advent Calendar for 2021. The various offers from TOPP, Ravensburger, riva and Co. bring different stories, puzzles and levels of tension. Waiting for Christmas won't be boring.

Exciting Escape Room Advent Calendar for 2021. The various offers from TOPP, Ravensburger, riva and Co. bring different stories, puzzles and levels of tension. Waiting for Christmas won't be boring.

Escape Room Advent Calendar for Christmas 2021

There are different Escape Room Advent calendars, for example from riva, TOPP or Ravensburger. Either Christmas or winter themes are presented or completely different scenarios are chosen. In addition to the printed adventure content, some also bring additional digital content with them. At Amazon there is various offers with prime shipping for fast delivery. 

With the advent calendar "The enchanted ice ruins“You watch and buy with this link can. The individual puzzles reveal which door will be opened the next day. So you don't just work through the numbers from 1 to 24, you also have to puzzle a bit and think about it. Hints, solutions and other puzzles are available via additional online content.

12,02 EUR
TOPP Escape Adventures advent calendar - the enchanted ice ruins: puzzles for 24 days - with ...
  • Probably the most exciting Advent season ever! Join adventurer Brendan Hill on the greatest voyage of discovery...
  • Frenzel, Sebastian (Author)

If you like it a little creepier, you should check out the Escape Room Advent Calendar "Dracula and the Feast of the Cursed" look at. With this link you can find the TOPP offer. The 2020 bestseller Spiegel offers a wonderfully illustrated adventure, an accompanying booklet with instructions for cutting out and a map on an XXL poster. But not only with Dracula there is the processing of a literary classic in the form of an Advent calendar, but also with Sherlock Holmes. This is because "Sherlock Holmes and the secret of the crown jewels“As an Escape Room Advent Calendar. You can take a look here.

There is also another literature review from TOPP as a Christmas calendar, but this time with an actual Christmas story. Because even with "Scrooge and the Lost Christmas Story“, A new calendar for Advent in 2021, there is again a Spiegel bestseller that brings beautiful illustrations, exciting puzzles and various aids. You can take a look at the offer here. At Amazon you get it via Prime Delivery.

24 DAYS ESCAPE - The Escape Room Advent Calendar: Scrooge and the Lost Christmas Story ...
107 Reviews

We come to the offer from riva, because there is an (unofficial) Escape Room Advent calendar on the theme of Harry Potter. This is entitled "The gateway to the magical world“, And take a look at the offer you can throw with this link. Here, too, beautiful illustrations are used to bring the story across in a lively manner. The starting point is a walk in the forest, during which the protagonists get lost. Magical clues should bring them back on the right path.

In terms of style, the "Escape Christmas"-Advent calendar under the motto"Solve 24 puzzles and defeat the Christmas blues" stands. The story told is about the stay in Aunt Margarethe's forest hut, who only gives you a generous Christmas present if you solve all the puzzles. Here you can get an idea of ​​it. According to the presentation and the story, this offer seems to me a little less excited and therefore rather something for the adult target group.

One of the offers from Ravensburger, with which I would like to close this post, also takes place in the run-up to Christmas, but not in a forest or a castle - but in a sunken submarine. Every day you open up one of the rooms of the submarine and discover its secret. The Escape Room Advent Calendar builds on the popular EXIT game series and offers 46 puzzle cards and other accessories. You can find all the details here.

Ravensburger EXIT Advent Calendar 2020 - The sunken submarine - Ideal for Escape Room fans: 24 ...
  • An advent calendar like an escape room: 46 puzzle cards guide you through the exciting underwater adventure. As...
  • Riddling, decoding, exploring: detailed illustrations in each subject, together with nautical puzzle elements ...
  • There are symbols instead of numbers on the doors: only those who solve the riddle of the day will find out what ...

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