eufy MACH V1 (Ultra) – vacuuming, mopping and steam cleaning made easy

Under the smart home brand eufy, the technology manufacturer Anker offers various technology for the home. As of this month, this also includes smart vacuum cleaner-mop combinations. The eufy MACH V1, for example, is a cordless, self-cleaning vacuum cleaner that mops while vacuuming. It can be used for both dry dirt and liquids. Ozone is added to the cleaning water for disinfection. The eufy MACH V1 Ultra also has a steam cleaner function. You can currently get both models including a free eufy HomeVac H30 handheld vacuum worth 199,99 euros - and here I'll show you how it works.

With Prime Shipping: eufy MACH V1 + handheld vacuum on Amazon

Both the eufy MACH V1 and the eufy MACH V1 Ultra are currently available with a handheld vacuum cleaner from the manufacturer on special offer. This makes spring cleaning a breeze.
Both the eufy MACH V1 and the eufy MACH V1 Ultra are currently available with a handheld vacuum cleaner from the manufacturer on special offer. This makes spring cleaning a breeze.

eufy MACH V1: Vacuum cleaning and mopping in one

The new eufy MACH V1, which shows all important device data on one display, is a combination of vacuum cleaner and floor mop. Unlike robot vacuum cleaners, whose mop elements have to be cleaned again and again with interruptions in the cleaning process, this device already cleans the roller brush when it is in use. In this way, even larger areas can be cleaned continuously. In addition to the combination of vacuum cleaning with 16.800 Pa and mopping, this means further time savings. It can be used for both dry and wet dirt. The manufacturer states that thanks to the constant self-cleaning of the device, paint can also be vacuumed up with it. 

But there are a few more interesting features: Thanks to Eco-Clean technology, ozone is added to the mopping water, which kills germs directly on the floor. There is also a tank for detergent, which is automatically added to the mopping water in the correct ratio. A bottle of the recommended cleaning agent is already included in the scope of delivery of the eufy MACH V1. A cleaning station is also included, which performs a triple cleaning of the device: first, the roller brush is washed with detergent, then water-based ozone is passed through it, minimizing odors and germs, and finally, everything is dried with warm air.

At Amazon you can get the eufy MACH V1 for 599 euros and with Prime shipping. On the product page you will also find the promotion to add a HomeVac H30 Infinity for free. To do this, simply hover over “1 Promotion” and then click “Add to Cart Both” in the pop-up explanation.

eufy MACH V1, cordless all-in-one stick vacuum cleaner with Always-Clean Mop, triple self-cleaning,...
  • Vacuum cleaner and mop in one: Combines vacuum cleaner and mop in a single device for efficient ...
  • Removes wet or dry dirt and stubborn stains: the combination of vacuuming and wiping removes...
  • Eco-Clean Ozone: Water-based ozone is generated to eliminate up to 99,9%* of common germs on floors and ...

eufy MACH V1 Ultra: steam cleaner with 110°C as an additional feature

The eufy MACH V1 Ultra has the same advantages as the standard version described above, but adds a steam cleaning function and a longer battery life. The steam cleans and disinfects the floor with 110°C hot water. It can also help loosen stubborn dirt from the floor or carpet. 

The Ultra version also has its own display for showing device status, operating instructions and warnings. So you always have an eye on the battery charge level and the level of the water tank when cleaning. In addition to the appropriate cleaning agent, the scope of delivery also includes the charging and cleaning station, which automatically prepares the device for the next use. The eufy MACH V1 Ultra is available for 799 euros including the free eufy HomeVac H30 Infinity in the tink shop.

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