Eve Room (New Version 2018)

With Eve Room you can monitor the air quality at home HomeKit keep an eye on and read values ​​such as temperature, humidity and air quality (VOC) on the device in real time. With the second generation of the Eve accessories, an iPhone and a home app are no longer necessary, because the Eve Room version 2018 has its own display - and also improved sensors that make the device more reliable than its predecessor. Below you will find further information, technical data and details about the second generation Eve Room.

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Eve Room 2, the second generation of the measuring device for the air quality at home, shows the values ​​of the thermometer, hygrometer and VOC air quality sensor in real time.

Eve Room 2, the second generation of the measuring device for the air quality at home, shows the values ​​of the thermometer, hygrometer and VOC air quality sensor in real time.

Eve Room 2

With Eve Room you can monitor the room climate, i.e. the temperature and humidity, and have it displayed with a star rating on a display (1,54 inches; 200 x 200 pixels; 183 dpi). In addition to the values ​​mentioned, this also evaluates the general air quality / air quality with regard to VOC. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. You can find more information about this value, how it came about and the corresponding guide values ​​in the accompanying text Wikipedia article.

The Elgato Eve Room from 2018 can be linked to the Home App on the Apple iPhone using HomeKit.

The Elgato Eve Room from 2018 can be linked to the Home App on the Apple iPhone using HomeKit.

Overall, one should live healthier if one interprets the values ​​correctly and accordingly ventilates, heats and removes / avoids sources of pollution. For this purpose, the determined data is also recorded so that you can track the course of temperature, humidity and VOC value for individual years, weeks, days or even hours. This might also help in a dispute with the landlord, who does not want to see that the damp walls are dependent on the building fabric;)

The new Eve Room device is framed in fine aluminum and comes with HomeKit support. This means that you can also access the device via the home app on your iPhone or iPad. There is no need for a bridge or a smart home hub. Furthermore, it can be used flexibly, as it does not need a mains connection, but brings its own battery (can be charged via USB). You can measure flexibly in every room and use HomeKit to set up rules according to which other devices in the smart home react to certain measured values ​​(ventilation, heating, ventilation, humidification, shutters, etc.).

Eve Room 2018 with better measurement accuracy

According to the manufacturer, the new version of the indoor climate monitor is not only compatible with HomeKit, has its own display and battery and is ready for use for 6 weeks with a single charge. In addition, the sensors are said to have been improved compared to the first generation. These are the information on function values ​​and measurement accuracy:

  • Use at 0 ° C - 50 ° C temperature and 5% - 95% humidity
  • Measurement accuracy thermometer: ± 0.3 ° C / ± 0.54 ° F
  • Measurement accuracy hygrometer: ± 3%

Buy second generation Eve Room

Now sold out again (as of September 3, 2018), the device for monitoring air quality should soon be available again on Amazon. You can find the product page to reserve here: Click . In addition, the site offers further information, technical data, pictures and the variety of other accessories from Eve / Elgato. 

3,96 EUR
Indoor climate monitor (HomeKit compatible)
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Indoor climate monitor (HomeKit compatible)
The second generation of the Eve Room has a long-lasting battery, its own display for displaying measured values ​​in real time and is compatible with HomeKit and the Apple Home app. Rules can also be set here, for example automatic ventilation, ventilating or humidifying the room at certain values.

My experience with the first generation

I once bought the Eve Room Version 1, but it had no display in the device. This has the disadvantage that you always have to open the app for a brief view of the data. And the transfer of the data always took some time (1 to 5 seconds), depending on how long you hadn't looked at it. 

The data was saved in Eve Room's internal memory and then transferred to the app via Bluetooth. No wonder that after a few times you lost your patience and used the device less and less. With Eve Room 2, Elgato is on the right track and offers a real-time display of the data as well as the logged data in the app.

Even if you don't like the transmission via Bluetooth (because of the poorer networking than via WLAN): The range of the Elgato Eve devices is enormous. I have a heating thermostat in the basement (2 floors below my living room). The walls are here in the half-timbered house made of clay and masonry, and yet I get in contact with the thermostat with my iPhone from the living room. A considerable range for Bluetooth, where one normally only speaks of 10 meters.


If you are looking for a thermometer and hygrometer that also measures the VOC value using an air quality sensor and with which you can set rules for actions in the smart home at certain limit values ​​in the home app on the iPhone, then the Eve Room should be in 2018 -Version be something for you guys. The device not only shows the real-time values, but also saves the measurement data for a long time. In this way, heating, ventilation, humidification and other measures in your home can be better controlled and understood. 

If you have already had experience with this or a similar device, please leave a comment under this post;)

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