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I have the Evernote app on both my iPhone and MacBook. Unfortunately not really in use yet, because I simply don't have the background knowledge of how to really use the notes app. There is though a help page on the Evernote home page, but I only get really happy with manuals that I can take with me on the couch and that are available in paper form. If you feel the same, I have a book tip for you that has been rated very well by readers and shows how you can easily organize everything with the note app:

Optimize self-organization and information management with Evernote
The author Herbert Hertramph shows beginners how to work effectively with Evernote. Some hidden functions are also presented, so that you can discover features that make the app much easier to use. The many positive reviews show that you can't make a mistake with the book for just under 20 EUR if you're looking for a German manual for Evernote.

Another note: There is another book in the Amazon shop, where the title has to do with "Evernote" and "Life Management". The cover is green and that's all I'm going to say about it ... BUT: The author of this book seems to have released an extra video to those readers who give it a 5-star rating, thus motivating readers to rate something with "very good" , which they would actually not rate that way. I find this approach very disappointing and would therefore recommend that you read the customer reviews BEFORE buying. A customer points out this fact, otherwise I would also have fallen for the positive overall rating.



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  1. Herbert says:

    Thank you very much for the nice review of the book! I will soon add it to my review page.

    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Hello Herbert! But of course. :) I also think it's nice that you don't pimp your book rating with half-forced 5-star ratings, as other authors seem to need ...
      Of course, I would be happy to receive a link on my site!
      Greetings, the sir! ;)

  2. Norman Plattek says:

    I am amazed that you still need instructions for such a program. But if you can learn something from it, then I find it practical. 20 € is not that much again, if it should help to be better organized, then maybe I'll buy it.

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