Excire Foto 2022 + Luminar Neo – bundle for photo editing workflow

Excire Foto for sorting and tagging photos and Luminar Neo for editing the recordings combine to offer a package for the photo editing workflow on Mac and PC. Among other things from Creative studio Pavel Kaplun the software combination is recommended, which you can currently secure in a cheap bundle: Click here to go to the offer page. The current Excire Foto 2022 uses AI-supported methods to help sort, mark and find photos. You can tag, search for people, find duplicates and more. Luminar Neo offers numerous possibilities for that post-processing of photos.

Luminar Neo and Excire Photo 2022 in one package. With the two apps for Mac and PC, you can organize large amounts of photos, find specific shots and then edit them in a variety of ways.
Luminar Neo and Excire Photo 2022 in one package. With the two apps for Mac and PC, you can organize large amounts of photos, find specific shots and then edit them in a variety of ways.

Details on Excire Photo 2022

Excire Foto 2022 works on Apple computers with macOS as well as on Windows PCs and is used to manage photo libraries. Importing, selecting and evaluating photos for pre-sorting for later processing are thus possible. Furthermore, tags can be set manually and automatically for keywording. You can also search for faces and specific people, recognize similar images, duplicates, and PSD files to continue editing that have already started. Different libraries can also be created for different projects.

The Excire Foto application software was developed by PCR, which stands for Pattern Recognition Company. The German company was founded in 2005 and has its roots in the University of Lübeck. PCR relies on deep learning and neural networks for its products, and has done so for a long time, not just since these terms were on everyone's lips. Accordingly, with Excire Foto 2022 you can use the results of many years of development and organize and sort both small and large amounts of photos and make them quickly accessible. This puts an end to searching in umpteen folders and subfolders.

Details on Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is a photo and image editing platform that is constantly being updated and equipped with new elements, functions and tools. Both the manual adjustment of image values ​​and photo effects and automatic processing with AI-supported functions are possible thanks to Luminar Neo. The strongest functions of the previous programs are bundled, including the recognition of the sky in landscape shots. The sky can be easily removed and replaced with another, so that instead of clouds, a blue sky or a sunset can be seen - the landscape below is also adjusted so that the light and color scheme are right.

Luminar Neo comes from the Ukrainian software company Skylum (known as Macphun until 2018). From her came such powerful photo tools as Luminar AI, Luminar, Photolemur, Aurora HDR, and more in the past. Many years of experience with tools for manual and automatic photo post-processing are bundled in the current range and are constantly being further developed. Luminar Neo is therefore not to be understood as software for which there will eventually be a version 2 or a successor with a different name, but as a platform that is constantly being expanded. Tools include: Exposure, Contrast, Colors, Sky, Atmosphere, Skin, Bokeh, Crop, Structure, Sunrays, and many more.

Excire Foto 2022 + Luminar Neo in a package for 119 euros

If you want to sort and edit large amounts of photos, then the package of the two apps mentioned for Mac and PC can help you. One helps you organize everything. The other makes it possible to quickly and easily implement adjustments and embellishments. The package with both currently only costs 119 euros and can be bought on this offer page. There you will also get more information about each app as well as screenshots, thanks to which you can get an even better impression. What do you think of the bundle offer? Please leave a comment :)

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