eyeTV T2, W and mobile: Live TV on Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod (DVB-T2)

eyeTV T2 Receive DVB T2 on Mac, Apple MacBook Pro, watch TV, TV live, record, stream Image source: Amazon

With the eyeTV T2 from Geniatech could you Watch TV and record TV programs on your Macto check them out later iTunes on Mac, MacBook, iPhone and Co. In this article I would like to explain to you what the hardware can do, which system requirements must be observed and where you can get your device and the appropriate software. In addition to the eyeTV T2, I would also like to give you the eyeTV W in the human body and facts about the eyeTV mobile (with Lightning connector). With that you can Follow live TV programs on the go with your Apple device.

Watching TV on a Mac or MacBook is no problem with the Geniatech eyeTV T2. HD programs are also received digitally terrestrially. Image: geniatech.eu

Watching TV on a Mac or MacBook is no problem with the Geniatech eyeTV T2. HD programs are also received digitally terrestrially. Image: geniatech.eu


eyeTV T2 for Mac and MacBook (Pro): simply watch TV on the Apple computer

You're in the office or on your Mac at home, but want the soccer game you've been looking forward to for a long time, or the exciting season finale your favorite series do not miss? Then the eyeTV T2 is probably the best little helper. This DVB-T2 receiver with USB connection for the Mac (to be connected to the new MacBook Pro with a dongle) brings you digital terrestrial HD television to your computer. The appropriate software is used to display, record and convert. By the way, it seems to have got an update recently. The not so good reviews on Amazon, which criticize the software, seem obsolete.

  • Here you can get the eyeTV software for the Mac: Click, click
  • A DVB-T2 antenna could also be useful: Click here
Geniatech eyetv T2 Hybrid Signal Receiver DVB-T / T2 / C HD HEVC
  • You get eyetv3 and eyetv4 for Mac OS in the scope of delivery
  • Standards: DVB-C, DVB-T / T2 / T2 HD HEVC / h.265
  • Watch and record live TV on the Mac

eyeTV mobile with Lightning connection for iPad, MacBook Pro, iPhone, etc.

An antenna can also be connected to this small periphery from Geniatech for better reception. On the other hand - and this is important for mobile Apple users - there is also a Lightning connector. The television receiver can be easily connected to the MacBook Pro, but also and above all to the iPhone or iPad. Public viewing is therefore possible anytime and anywhere - whether football, series finals, news or political debate.

Mobile and live TV via iPhone, iPad, iPod and so on is very easy with the Geniatech eyeTV mobile and via a Lightning connection! Image: geniatech.eu

Mobile and live TV via iPhone, iPad, iPod and so on is very easy with the Geniatech eyeTV mobile and via a Lightning connection! Image: geniatech.eu

  • The app for following live TV via iOS is available here: App Store
Geniatech EyeTV Mobile TV tuner for the Lightning connection (iPad, iPad mini, iPhone) black
  • Receive real TV anywhere on iPad and iPhone
  • No internet connection necessary, HD ready
  • Watch TV live, pause, fast forward and rewind

eyeTV W for TV reception and wireless transmission (up to 4 hours)

The eyeTV W is a DVB-T receiver that wirelessly transmits Wifi, W-LAN, Wifi, WI-FI or whatever you want to call it sends the TV program to the mobile Apple or Android device. The built-in battery has enough power for 4 hours of mobile television. However, the device can also be connected to a power source via micro USB.

The DVB T receiver eyeTV W from Geniatech receives television programs wirelessly and sends them via WLAN to iPad, iPhone, Android devices, etc. Battery life up to 4 hours. Image: geniatech.eu

The DVB T receiver eyeTV W from Geniatech receives television programs wirelessly and sends them via WLAN to iPad, iPhone, Android devices, etc. Battery life up to 4 hours. Image: geniatech.eu

  • The iOS app for TV enjoyment via eyeTV W: App Store
  • The Android app for using the wireless DVB-T receiver: Play Store
Geniatech EyeTV W Mobile Tuner for DVB-T (Micro USB) black
  • Live TV on iPad, iPhone and Android
  • DVB-T reception: no internet connection required
  • Rechargeable battery: watch TV wirelessly for up to 4 hours

System requirements for using the devices

  eyeTV T2 eyeTV mobile eyeTV W
System (iOS, OS X, macOS) OS X 10.9 or newer iOS 9 or newer iOS 7.0.4 or newer
CPU / processor 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (or comparable) k. A. k. A.
RAM / memory 4 GB k. A. k. A.
Software Geniatech software (see above) App (see above) App (see above)
Connection USB (Lightning via adapter / dongle) Lightning or adapter to micro USB Micro USB, Lightning via adapter / dongle
Receives DVB-T / T2 / T2 HEVC (T2 HEVC only in Germany), 48 - 860 MHz DTT / Freeview / DVB-T / ISDB-T, VHF band 3, UHF band Freeview / DTT / DVB-T, VHF band 3, UHF band, WLAN 802.11b / g up to 10 m

Do you already have experience with the devices?

What do you think of the possibility of mobile (or stationary) television on Mac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad or iPod? Do you have one of the three Geniatech devices in use or are you planning to buy the eyeTV peripherals? Feel free to leave a comment! If you have any questions about the devices, the software or the like, then leave them there too - if I can find answers, I'll be happy to send them to you;)



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  1. Ray says:

    What you are promoting here has been on the market for what feels like an eternity - I think I've been using it for five or more years now - and it's the only good thing on the Mac.
    The software is great, the electronic program guide was good at times, but was then converted into a subscription model, which resulted in additional costs.
    Recording function is good if there are no program changes, the EPG only updates when called up - so you can be unlucky. Editing the recordings is a disaster, but you can do it if you want ...
    From spring 2017, only the public broadcasters can be received, at least this applies to the old devices.

    Quote: HD programs are also received digitally terrestrially.

    To what extent this applies to the private broadcasters, I am not sure, I think the quote refers to the public broadcasters, where no additional hardware should be necessary. In this respect, the sentence could prove to be a nice sham package….

    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Hello Ray! Thank you for your advice and your experience! I don't always write up-to-date because I only come across some things "later" or I only find interest in them at a later point in time. Lego Mindstorms EV3 is also many years old, but I've only just caught fire. ;)
      But still: That with the HD programs over DVB-T could really be as you write. I don't have the thing, and unfortunately I don't have DVB-T reception either, so I couldn't try it out ... but you're "warned" before. Have a happy new year LG! Jens

  2. Robert says:

    I use three Elgato solutions for DVB-T (now Geniatech), twice via USB (normal and diversity) on the Mac and via Lightning on the iPad. At the end of March 2017, none of these devices, like the eyeTV mobile and eyeTV W mentioned here, can no longer be used.
    Only the mentioned T2 (USB) can receive the new DVB-T2 standard. The private and thus encrypted programs are left out due to the lack of a decoder.

    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Hello Robert! Thanks, that's a good reference for the article. Slowly the forced switch to DVB-T2 is coming. :( Or should you say :-), because of course the resolution is also much better ?! ;)

  3. Viktor Boettcher says:

    DVB-t2 for iPad Pro, i.e. Lightning, is not yet in any offer that I know of. In your article, too, only the now outdated version is described and falsely advertised.

    It's amazing that there are no solutions for the pads with Lightning yet…. ???? Or is it?

  4. Conny Döring says:

    I think it's underground that until today (June 21.06.17st, 2) there is apparently no DVB T4 successor for EyeTV W. Or how do other people manage when the Lightning connector is occupied by a stick, but the iPad only has XNUMX% juice left?

    Kind regards

    Conny Döring

    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Hello Conny! Yeah, I look like that. DVB T2 should be retrofitted slowly. I think it was foreseeable for a long time that this would come. But apparently the market for the recipients is so small that it is not worthwhile for the manufacturers. But there is a solution for your problem: The Lightning switch "Belkin rock star"should help so that you can watch and charge at the same time. By the way, I would refrain from the cheap products from China, as these are often classified as incompatible by the iPad or iPhone and then charging is interrupted. And that would be the main function that you need. LG! Jens

  5. Bernward Höhn says:

    I have the same problem but have an Android device. Are there any solutions?

    • Johannes Domke says:

      Hello Bernward,
      I looked around a bit and there are actually DVB-T2 receivers for Android. Most of them have rather mixed ratings - I think the performance varies depending on the region, device and technical understanding of the user. Two models that have received very good reviews on average are the Vansky® PadTV DVB-T2 USB Tuner Stick and the August DVB-T305 - DVB-T and DVB-T2 (H.264) receiver.
      Soon a test on a DVB-T2 receiver for Windows PCs and Windows laptops will be posted here in the blog. Due to the many questions on the topic here on the site, I will probably aim for a test of DVB-T2 receivers for mobile phones. After that I can hopefully give you and other seekers more well-founded answers.
      Best Regards

  6. Robert says:

    The core problem of all available solutions so far is the lack of hardware decoder for H.265. Accordingly, the data is decoded and displayed via software on the computer or smartphone, which requires proper system performance and (!) Software.

    After both the Elgato successor and even more the Freenet stick were hardly usable with an i5 and 8GB, there is now a Telefunken monitor with three built-in tuners including DVB-T2 and remote control on the desk. The computer is no longer needed for TV shows, no value was placed on the high-resolution advertising channels anyway, and the TV can also be operated on the go with a 12 volt connection. A simple and functional solution for around € 140.

  7. Nele says:


    I don't want to be able to Zattoo, but to be able to watch TV AND record "normally" on the iPad, and I don't need all the crazy private lives.

    So yesterday at CONRAD "LogiLink Air DTV WIFI DVB-T2 Receiver" bought for just € 84,90. Complete grip in the toilet. Will be exchanged again today. Cannot find any channels, neither TV nor radio. I then looked at the reviews on Amazon and realized that I am not alone.
    I went to CONRAD because I was hoping for sensible advice there. Unfortunately, the employees were so busy that this did not happen, and looking at the outer packaging of the device you could have thought at first that it works in the same way as my beloved EyeTV W, but it doesn't. Grrrr ...

    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Hello Nele! Thanks for the information! If you know what is no good, it may slowly crystallize out what is going well. :) And as Robert already wrote: At the moment it seems to be simply due to the lack of hardware decoders that the manufacturers cannot bring anything to the start. The need is obviously there.

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