FaceTime on TV is possible on Xbox (but not on Apple TV)

Anyone who connects a webcam to their Xbox (Series X / S) and opens a FaceTime link received by email via the Edge browser can participate in the corresponding call via the television. There is no need to stream the video call from the iPhone or iPad, as would be the case on the Apple TV. The set-top box from Cupertino provides neither a web browser for calling up links nor a connection for a webcam. Accordingly, you can only transfer calls from mobile devices via AirPlay.


FaceTime on TV via Xbox: Setup is explained on Reddit

In a Reddit post The user u / JavonTEvans only posted a picture for the time being, which shows a TV with webcam and a running Xbox Series S. There's a FaceTime call on the TV. In the discussion under the photo, said user explains his approach to make the whole thing possible: he has one Logitech C930 webcam connected to the Xbox, opened the FaceTime link in the Edge browser (with Chromium update) that he received by email, and off he went. In addition to the Xbox, this procedure should also work on other devices that get the Chrome or Edge browser to work.

Is it time for an Apple TV soundbar with a camera?

In the further comments under the Reddit post linked above as well as in one Post MacRumors, in which this is taken up, is speculating about what TV accessories Apple could and should bring out in the future. A soundbar with streaming software that would represent a combination of HomePod and Apple TV has been in discussion for a long time. If this came with a built-in camera and FaceTime app, workarounds like the one described above could become obsolete. However, you can also ask yourself whether you want to have a camera pointed at you all the time while watching TV. I would say no across the board.

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