Fantasy Maps: Fictional Locations, Discworld, Middle-earth, and more

Maps are fascinating, and not just in geography lessons. In the history of mankind there have been many imaginative maps because coastlines were measured incorrectly or distances were incorrectly estimated. As the world got more accurate, new maps have moved away from geography to the fantasy genre of literature. Today we know the Discworld from Terry Pratchett, Middle-earth from JRR Tolkien, Harry Potter's World from Joanne K. Rowling and many more. If you are looking for books on the various topics, then you have come to the right place. Because there are some exciting volumes on real, fake and fantastic maps.

Fantasy maps and fictitious maps - Here you will find a collection of old navigator maps, fantasy maps, Middle-earth, Westeros, Ankh-Morpork and more.

Fantasy maps and fictitious maps - Here you will find a collection of old navigator maps, fantasy maps, Middle-earth, Westeros, Ankh-Morpork and more.

Atlas of Invented Places

Edward Brooke-Hitching's 256-page book "Atlas of Invented Places: The Biggest Errors and Lies on Maps" offers numerous examples of cartographic errors in the history of the discovery of the world. In addition to very simple mistakes, lies are also dealt with, their origins and their consequences. In addition to the assumption that California is an island, the great mystery of Atlantis also appears in the book. In addition, it was once assumed that Australia had an inland sea that merges into the ocean through a delta in the west of the island continent. You can find this and much more in card and text form in the named book that you order here at Amazon can.

Atlas of Lost Places

With “Atlas of Lost Places: Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow” Travis Elborough takes a similar but different approach. "We use maps when we want to find a place in the world. But what about all those places that are no longer listed? Where do you find once great cities that are hidden under new settlements, landscapes that have been completely reshaped by the water, or places that have simply disappeared without a trace?“, It says in the description on the Amazon product page. The author shows exactly those places on 208 pages and draws them on today's maps. Future developments and changes are also presented.

Crazy about cards

The transition to fantasy maps is made in the book “Crazy about maps: Ingenious stories from fantastic countries” by Huw Lewis-Jones. On 256 pages there is a prologue, four main parts and an epilogue. Fictional countries, literary maps, the procedure for creating maps and an aid for reading maps are shown. It deals with worlds like Mumintal, Mordor, Narnia, the Marauder's Map (Harry Potter), Dungeons and Dragons and a few more. So if you want to deal with maps, create some yourself or be able to read fantasy map material better, should have a look here or buy the book.

Discworld Atlas and Ankh Morpork Map

Terry Pratchett's world has many fantastic locations in store. Oh yes, by the way, it is a flat world that lies on the backs of four elephants, which in turn stand on the shell of a large turtle. A complete overview of the geography created by Pratchett in his countless disc world novels can be found in "Complete and indispensable atlas of the disc world" - to find and buy here. 

Most of the novels are set, or at least begin, in the city of Ankh-Morpork. There have been several maps of this city in the past. I have one that you can fold out, similar to a real city map or map. But this now seems to be sold out. With the book "Complete and indispensable city guide of the whole of Ankh-Morpork" you get a replacement for the atlas shown above - here you can have a look and buy it.

Historical Atlas of Middle-earth

In "Historical Atlas of Middle-earth" by Karen Wynn Fonstad you will find the evolution of Middle-earth (Lord of the Rings) in atlas form. "A comprehensive atlas depicting the development of Middle-earth up to the beginning of the Fourth Age. Over a hundred maps trace the travel routes of Bilbo, Frodo and their companions and give an incomparable insight into the landscapes, the great battles and the buildings from the First, Second and Third Ages of Middle-earth“, It says in the description of the 202-page book. The hardback edition can be found with this link.

The lands of ice and fire

If you are more of a fan of George RR Martin and the world of Game of Thrones, then the offer “The Lands of Ice and Fire: 12 four-color maps of the world of Game of Thrones” might be more for you. The twelve folding maps show the fantasy world, with a general overview, individual regions and the cities of Königsmund and Braavos. An overview and the possibility to buy the set, you can find here.

Draw fantasy cards yourself: tips and instructions

Thinking up your own cards can be necessary in some cases - when designing a role-playing game, planning a pen and paper campaign (Dungeons and Dragons, DSA, etc.), if you want to put ideas for the RPG Maker on paper , and so on. So far, however, I have only found English-language guides and instructions on Amazon. Here you can take a look at the books and buy them:


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