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Fidget Toy Cube Anti Stress Cube Toy against nervousness

The anti-stress dice called Fidget Cube were a trend in 2017 that ran parallel to Fidget Spinner The hype was running. But even in 2021, these products will still be in demand as toys for the hands, as they can be used to reduce stress and counteract nervousness. That is why I have revised this post from two years ago and show you the Amazon bestsellers from the area of ​​nervousness cubes as well as a test or review video for two different models, in which the respective advantages are shown. Incidentally, such a fidget cube is also helpful for children and adults who often play nervously with the ballpoint pen or bite their nails;)

The fidget cube trend from 2017 is over, but the finger toy for nervous hands is still in demand in 2019. Similar to the Fidget Spinner Hype ...
The fidget cube trend from 2017 is over, but the finger toy for nervous hands is still in demand in 2019. Similar to the Fidget Spinner Hype ...

Fidget Cube - activity for nervous hands

A fidget cube usually offers six different sides with buttons, sliders, switches, controls and also surfaces that are flattering to the touch. There are also larger models that have up to twelve sides with different handles, joysticks, surfaces, sliding elements and the like. I would make the selection depending on whether a child or adult uses the finger toy or whether it is to be carried in a trouser or jacket pocket. Because the more areas, the bigger the fidget cube is. Which anti-stress toy do you prefer? Feel free to leave a comment under this post!

Fidget Cube bestseller from Amazon

In the following list you can find the Fidget Cube bestsellers from Amazon. The list always updates itself, so that you will always see the latest products with the best price-performance ratio in 2021 and beyond. The links here do not lead to items that are sold out, like the links from the 2017 article. You can get information and a list of the Fidget Spinner bestsellers in the article linked above.

Fidget cube comparison in the video

The following YouTube video is already two years old, but still up-to-date with regard to general information about finger toys. By the way, there are no tricks for the cubes, as there are for other fidget toy alternatives. You can find a video with Fidget Spinner Tricks in the corresponding post.

Stress cubes against nervousness and ADHD

A fidget toy, i.e. a cube or spinner from this toy category, is designed to help users reduce stress and build concentration. By preoccupying the fingers with the various surfaces, switches, sliders, joystick and button elements, the thoughts should be distracted from fears and other stress factors. Whether exam, lecture, speech or everyday situation, also with mental or psychosomatic disorders (ADHD, OCD, etc.) it should be possible to achieve an improvement through the use of the little helpers. If you want to try this type of help, simply use one of the cube shown above - thanks to Amazon Prime, shipping and delivery don't take long.

Your opinion and experiences on the topic

Children and adults alike should be able to benefit from a fidget cube. Have you ever been able to gain experience in this regard? Or do you have an opinion that still has to be confirmed / reversed by testing such a dice? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic :)

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