FileMail - Free WeTransfer alternative for files up to 50 GB

The WeTransfer service, which it does too as a Mac app, is useful when you want to send larger files that are too big for an email or services like DropBox. The maximum size for the free version is 2 GB; subscription for 120 EUR per year with 20 GB. The flexible service FileMail on the other hand, offers a free transfer of files up to 50 GB in size! If you want to send / receive unlimited file packages and keep them available for downloading for a long time, you can choose between two price models.

TL; DR: Click here to go to the service's website

FileMail is up to 50 GB which is a free WeTransfer alternative. All features, information and prices for the subscription can be found here.

FileMail is up to 50 GB which is a free WeTransfer alternative. All features, information and prices for the subscription can be found here.

FileMail - Send large files via email

I often have to transfer raw video material and I often break the 2 GB limit with WeTransfer. For this reason, FileMail is a good alternative when you have really large files. Because even with the paid “WeTransfer Premium” you only get a maximum of 20 GB. With FileMail, files of up to 50 GB (or the download link for it) can be sent free of charge. The downloads are unlimited and possible for seven days.

According to their own statements, the idea for this service came to the developers in 2008 when they were also looking for a way to send very large files by email. But there wasn't one that lived up to their demands - so they made their own. And this service - FileMail - should be simple, fast and broken down to the essentials:

It's a simple web application where you just choose a file, type in an email address and hit 'send'. You don't need to worry about file sizes, speed drops or colorful download pages. The recipient receives a link and can download your file. That's all!

FileMail features at a glance

The team behind FileMail is led by two developers from Norway, Njål Arne Gjermundshaug and Tonaas Fauske. They and their employees have been working on the digital delivery service for large files for 10 years. And these are the most important features:

  • Faster and easier compared to cloud services
  • Easier than using a file hoster and sending download links manually
  • The paid version allows files of unlimited size to be sent
  • There is no need to register or install anything to download files
  • FileMail can be seamlessly integrated into e-mail programs
  • Better transfer speeds than other free services (according to developers)
  • Usable for companies including integration on the website and brand adaptation

Free, $ 8,25 or $ 15 a month

According to the information on the official website used by around 50.000 companies and a total of around 1.000.000 people. Here I have put together a comparison of the three FileMail price models, which you can use to determine whether the offer from the Norwegians is also something for you.

FileMail Free FileMail Pro FileMail Business
Price Free $ 8,25 a month $ 15 a month
Maximum file size 50 GB Unbegrenzt Unbegrenzt
Retention period 7 days 30 days Unbegrenzt
Permanent retention - -
Unlimited downloads
Track Your Order
FileMail Desktop
Bit torrent download
FTP download
HTTPS - secure transmission
Advertising - -
password protection -
Address book -
FileMail Outlook addon -
Branding (email and web) - -
Upload page - -
Integration on your own website - -
Individual support - -

Attention restriction: As I have just heard from a friend, she can only send two files in 24 hours without an account. That is certainly still important to note, but was not initially visible on the website.


FileMail is worthwhile for private, semi-professional or international companies that not only want to send large files but also receive them from customers. Files or archives of up to 50 GB can be sent directly by email as a download link free of charge - and downloaded by the recipient for seven days without any frills, registration or installation of cloud services. If you want more, you can take out a monthly subscription. This means that data of unlimited size can be sent for just under $ 100 a year - great!



  1. Thomas says:

    Thanks for the tip, only with Wetransfer you can use the app without paying. I usually use Dropl and CloudApp but of course these tools don't go up to 50GB

  2. Uli says:

    The tool reports to me at 8 GB that I can only send up to 5 GB ...

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Uli! I think they made some changes to the service recently. It could be that they changed the limit. I'll check back later and update the article if something is different. LG, Jens

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