Finally peace and quiet: hide annoying cookie notices via browser plug-in

A practical browser plugin called I do not care about cookies (in German for example: "I don't care about cookies"). With this extension for the web browser, annoying cookie messages can be automatically affirmed on most pages and thus hidden directly from users. Version 2.9.8 is currently available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Pale Moon. It will be on the Developer website but also a work-around for Safari from Apple and Edge from Microsoft.

I don't care about cookies - on the developer website linked in the article you can find out more about the plugin for the web browser, which hides cookie notices.

I don't care about cookies - on the developer website linked in the article you can find out more about the plugin for the web browser, which hides cookie notices.

I don't care about cookies for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Pale Moon

Information on the "I don't care about cookies" plug-in can be found on the website linked above. In addition to German and English, the descriptions of the little browser helper are also available in Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Russian. The download is indicated for the four named web browsers with the corresponding, official sources of supply:

Note: Why you should never download software from Softonic, CHIP and Co.

No cookie notices in Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Co.

Daniel Kladnik does not provide a download for this on his website I do not care about cookies Plugin for Safari or Edge available. But for that he shows a work-around. This consists of using ad blockers like Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin. Appropriate filter lists would then be offered for this purpose: "Safari, Microsoft Edge and other browser users can install the filter list in their preferred ad blocker. [...] Please note that the filter list is not as effective as a browser extension. Most of the cookie warnings are hidden.“- The filter list in the ad blocker for the web browser can help, but doesn't make it as extensive as the plugin.

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  1. Beatrice Willius says:

    Thanks for the hint. Also works with .

    By the way, all the cookie hints are superfluous.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Beatrix! Why do you think they are superfluous? Is there a legal basis that they can be removed?

      • Beatrice Willius says:

        Without a yes / no, I consider the cookie hints to be suboptimal anyway.

        I goggled a little. Eg says the following:

        In Germany, many see the implementation of the cookie notification requirement as problematic. Because the requirements of the EC, i.e. today's EU, were never directly implemented in German law. So it has never been clarified exactly how a cookie warning is to be enforced. Both the Federal Government and the EU Commission are convinced that active implementation is not necessary and generally refer to Section 13 of the Telemedia Act (TMG).
        End of quote

        So this is still being discussed. There was a post on eRecht24 that the cookie banner should not cover the imprint.

        I have made a privacy policy for my website. Cookies are mentioned there. Then I signed the data processing contracts and that's it.

        • sir appleot says:

          Thanks for the clarification! So as always: a lot of confusion in the area. I'll look at the days again and then maybe delete the hint on myself. He's just annoying ... and nobody reads that anymore anyway.

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