Find Any File - Advanced file search options on the Mac

The practical Mac app called Find Any File It does not replace the Spotlight search on the Apple computer, which you can call up with cmd + space bar. But it improves on them with various filters and advanced search options. You can limit the file search to certain hard drives or other storage media, include or exclude file formats and search for specific content. So if, in addition to Spotlight, the Finder search function also lets you down, you have immediately found an area of ​​application for Find Any File (FAF). A 5-star review of FAF in the Mac App Store is even headed "... with the nose of a hunting dog";)

With Find Any File you get various search filters for files and folders on the Mac. The file search under macOS becomes much more specific and brings to light exactly what you are looking for. Screenshots source:
With Find Any File you get various search filters for files and folders on the Mac. The file search under macOS becomes much more specific and brings to light exactly what you are looking for. Screenshots source:

Find Any File (FAF) as an advanced search for the Apple Mac

To go into a bit of detail: if you simply search for files and folders under macOS, you can use Find Any File, for example. For example, you can filter whether you also want to see hidden search results, whether archives should be displayed or whether you want to browse deleted content. For all three criteria there are the options “Show” (also display), “Hide” (not display) and “Only” (only display these). Furthermore, you can use a wide variety of filters with FAF - the period of the last edit (e.g. 5 minutes if you have lost a file you have just edited), the file format or which format you are not looking for, the creation period for files from a certain month or Year, and, and, and.

The Mac tool Find Any File (FAF) helps to search individual or all hard drives and storage media with many filters and controls.
The Mac tool Find Any File (FAF) helps to search individual or all hard drives and storage media with many filters and controls.

Search examples for using the FAF tool in macOS

Two examples that spring to mind for using Find Any File are Documents and Music. Documents can be scanned receipts for the tax return or texts for the blog. Graphics and photos may also be included. FAF can help when searching and finding music files, for example if you want to tidy up your music library, which is constantly being created by adding and removing folders. For example, all weird formats like .flac, .wma and the like if you select "Music" as the search folder and the common formats .mp3 and .mp4 excludes. There are certainly many other examples.

Example of searching for music files using the elimination process.
Example of searching for music files using the elimination process.

Find Any File - Download as shareware, for free or for money

The developer Thomas Tempelmann has published Find Any File as shareware. That means you can use the tool for macOS on the Apple Mac on the official website free download. In addition, you can then use it in full for a test free of charge. If you like the app and want to continue using it, you should also consider buying it to help the developer. On the website you can find the purchase option for just $ 6. However, you can also download Find Any File from the Mac App Store. There the software, rated 4,9 out of 5 stars, costs € 8,99. 

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16 Responses to “Find Any File – Advanced File Search Options on Mac”

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    Above all, very important: when a device is connected to the Zendure, this is connected to a power supply unit, the device is charged first, then the Zendure. Hang all iGadgets on overnight. In the morning they are full, as is the power tank.

    1. Hello wolf! Thank you for your little experience report. I will shortly write a post about the power bank and then I'll copy your comment in there so that it fits in with the content. : D

      Is it the case with you that you have to switch on the power bank with a button so that it charges a connected device? Or does it charge as soon as it is plugged in?

      1. Yes, you have to press the switch briefly to start charging. If you press it twice, the watch goes into low power mode, or other gadgets with very low power requirements. Many power banks don't charge them.
        In the meantime I also got the super mini tank, with 10 Ah, the size of a credit card, the size of a thumb. With PD 18 W. Sufficient for 2 days of electricity, but of course not for an MB. But a pocket flatterer.
        I always take the big one with me when I know I'll need my MBP for a longer time and don't have a power outlet nearby.
        All Zendure devices are very beautiful, very powerful, but also at the upper end of the price range. And the best thing is really charging connected devices while charging the power bank yourself.

        1. Yes, these things are not cheap, but I have the feeling that quality is important to them. If you throw the parts on a car (except for the Cybertruck), the car is sure to break first. :)) The super tank is still missing in my collection, but I think sooner or later it will come too ... and thanks for the tip with the low current mode. I didn't know that either!

    1. It's available directly from the App Store. But what does this have to do with the Find Any File app?

  2. I'm still struggling with the Spotlight search. There are two main points that I don't like:

    a) Full-text search: The hits are displayed generously. Is there a way to specify two terms "nearby"? So the search “nice weather” does not return hits where “nice” appears on page 2 and “weather” appears on page 317.

    b) Hit display in the Finder: Can I have the path of the hit files displayed as a column in the Finder (also sort according to this)? So I always have to click through file by file and follow the path in the line below.

    “Find any File” wouldn't be able to contribute to these two aspects?

    Kind regards Pjotr

    1. Hello Pyotr! I can't comment on either of these things from the start. I would have to see whether there are settings or search options. Then I'll add this here. LG!

    2. Hello Pyotr,

      I was just looking for some files and now I'm using Find Any File.
      Here you can also display the path of each file via Display.
      You can also sort by path.
      There are different columns that can be shown and then sorted according to them. For example, by creation date of the file, modification date, type, size, tags, surrounding folder and path.

      You can set up multiple rules. Don't want to delete my last search right now, but you could certainly type in Find Any File to search for either 'nice weather', 'beautiful' and/or 'weather'.

      The nice thing is that you can download it for free (see link above) and try it out. If it does what you expect, you can buy it. Either from the developer or in the app shop. So you don't have to buy a pig in a poke. I bought it after the first two searches, it's worth the money!

      1. Hello wolf! Thank you for your quick feedback. It's great that you can solve things with "Find Any File". I wasn't sure, but haven't had time to test it yet either. At some point I have to work properly. :D

        1. it's a pleasure. Just sat at it after I stumbled across it at your place the other day. And also at first thought: can that do more than? The finder? Why external solution?
          And the answer was not difficult for me now.

          I have to work too, but now I have more time to spare. And already use Find Any File for work. I can then give back a little bit and also contribute information that can be useful for others!

  3. Thank you 1000 for always providing us with valuable information!
    I am happy to participate if I can contribute a little.

    1. Thank you for the fast feedback.

      However, I must have misunderstood the term “searching specifically for content” in the article. In the description in the Appstore it is quite clear that it is not a full-text search (except in pure text files). FAF does not build a database, but searches directly. This is a cool approach for many use cases.

      However, I often search in PDF and Office files because FAF won't help me that much.

      Nevertheless, many thanks for the effort,

  4. Hi Jens,

    It just irritates me that under Mojave, objects in the recycle bin are apparently not (anymore) displayed regularly when searching in the Finder (cmd F) - is it possible to set this somewhere so that they still appear in the search results?
    I think that under El Capitan the wastepaper basket was definitely still included in the search...

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