Firefox add-on for highlighting and copying columns in tables

TableTools2 Firefox addon

It's great what there is. Today I had to take a lot of data from a table on a website. The problem was that the table had several columns, but I only needed the contents of the first column. But if you want to mark, then the mark goes automatically to the end of the line and you have to take over all table contents and then copy the unnecessary, laboriously by hand.

TableTools2 Firefox addonIt's easier, I thought, and googled a bit. And actually I came across an add-on for Firefox, which has the pretty name "TableTools2"hears. The icon is similarly pretty and creative - but: the script behind it is a good thing! I installed it and at first glance thought it would not work because nothing visually has changed Mac clicks on a part of the table with pressed ALT and CMD key, then you notice that something is happening. On the one hand you can find a blue arrow in the first line of the table. This allows you to sort the table according to values ​​in ascending or descending order. This works without reloading the website and is very helpful when sorting data.

If you click on the fields below the first line, they will be outlined in light blue. A sign that they are now marked. This way you can copy multiple fields and then paste them in a text editor. Not only the text content is adopted, but also what is behind the embedded graphics as an ALT tag. In the text editor, you can usually remove such things very quickly with Find and Replace.

TableTools2 screenshot

In this screenshot of a stock page I have selected and sorted some tables. You can see the new elements that TableTools2 integrates into the table by means of my subtle red arrows and the delicate border. :)

But the add-on can do even more that I haven't even tried. You can also filter tables, sort by multiple columns, search - and even with regex or minimum or maximum values ​​and you can even create pie charts from the tables. If you want to take a look at the add-on, you can right here do.


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  1. Kidney says:

    A very useful tool. I just downloaded it and immediately tested it. I can only recommend it! Thanks for the tip!
    Greetings, Rene

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