Firefox addon AffiliateFox makes Amazon ASIN links

Firefox Addon Affiliate Fox

Actually, I was looking for a Firefox plugin that would give me the ASIN of the product when I visit an Amazon detail page. However, I haven't found a serious add-on that I would recommend. But I found it in another way, because the addon AffiliateFox is also an interesting solution for my plugin.

If you have installed it, you can enter an affiliate ID for each Amazon TLD via "Extras" -> "Addons" -> "AffiliateFox" -> "Settings". If you visit the Amazon page and click through the categories, the add-on converts each link into a shortened link in the background and attaches the partner ID.

Firefox Addon Affiliate Fox

With the Firefox add-on AffiliateFox you can easily generate Amazon shortlinks with ASIN.

An example - from this link to the Nikon Coolpix N27

the Firefox add-on provides this link:

These short links are clearly clearer, easier to read and can also be easily copied into emails to recommend a product to friends. Due to the few signs of the link, they do not break in the email program and the probability that you will receive a commission is quite high. ;)


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