Firefox Test Pilot: Hacks and Experiments for the Browser

Mozilla has to the web browser Firefox an experimental program called Test Pilot added, which allows you to perform various tasks otherwise realized with third-party add-ons. For example, you can take notes directly in the Firefox browser, encrypt files, upload them and send the download link, send tabs to snooze mode, create containers (groups) for certain thematically related pages and play videos in the foreground, even if you switch from YouTube or Vimeo to other tabs.

The Firefox Test Pilot website welcomes you with a nice outfit. The add-on for the Mozilla

Browser makes for interesting experiments while surfing." width="620″ height="293″ /> The Firefox Test Pilot site welcomes you with a nice appearance. The add-on for the Mozilla browser makes for interesting experiments while surfing .

Firefox Test Pilot: Add-on for various purposes

The intention behind the new add-on for the Mozilla browser Firefox is already clear on the start page of the program. The software forge behind the surfApp would like to have help from the users. Who the addon Test Pilot installed, which can test so-called experiments, give his or her opinion and help with the development of Firefox.

If you have equipped your Firefox with the add-on, then you have the opportunity to test various new experiments. Personally, I find it particularly interesting min vid. It shows YouTube or Vimeo videos in a small window in the foreground while visiting other pages in other tabs.

Videos from Sir Apfelot: SecaCam HomeVista test report

Current experiments for test pilot

There are currently six helpers available to try out and give feedback for. You can select and use them, for example, on the page Or you can click on the new icon next to the browser menu after installing Test Pilot. This will also take you to the page. On this you will also find the field at the top Settings and in it the items “Test Pilot Wiki”, “Discuss Test Pilot”, “Report a Problem” and “Uninstall Test Pilot”.

At the top next to the menu you will find the symbol with which you can become a test pilot;)

Before uninstalling it is of course worthwhile to test the individual experiments for the Firefox web browser. These are the six that you can currently choose:

  • Notes: Notepad for taking notes directly in the browser
  • Send: Encrypt files, temporarily upload them and send download links
  • Snooze Tab: Let tabs snooze and set alarms to use later
  • Cliqz: Suggestions when typing URLs or search terms into the address bar
  • Containers: create groups for websites in the areas of "work", "private", "social", etc.
  • Min Vid: Videos are displayed in a small frame in the foreground

Past experiments of the program

So far, seven experiments have been tested and information and feedback have been collected on each. If you go to the page linked above or click on it via your own add-on, then you can see the past experiments of Firefox Test Pilot see. These are currently the following:

  • Pulse: Providing feedback on pages that work well and not so well in Firefox
  • Page Shot: Create, save and share screenshots directly in the browser
  • Tracking Protection: Protection against activity tracking and the ability to report problems
  • Activity Stream: New start page and graphical overview of the process
  • No More 404s: Display of the option to call up old, archived pages of the Way Back Machine
  • Tab Center: Tabs are no longer displayed at the top, but on the side
  • Universal Search: Recommendations for websites, similar to Cliqz

Your opinion on the community test

What do you think about Firefox Test Pilot? An exciting thing for users who like to try out new things and give feedback - or is it just a simple type of market research that Mozilla has built in? Feel free to leave your opinion and experience with Test Pilot as a comment!

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