Fischer Price iPad sleeve for children - this is how you make the iPad child-proof

Fischer Price iPad holder
Fischer Price iPad holder

The Fischer Price iPad sleeve protects operating elements from access and the iPad from damage (Photo: Amazon).

Well, there is a lot of controversy about whether children should be playing on the iPad or not. Personally, I think that if you limit the time and also choose the things that the child plays or watches on the iPad, then it is better than if you "park" the children in front of some pointless morning programs on the television. But no matter - this article is about the Fischer Price iPad holder go and not talk about the topic of kids and iPad. :-)

After I got from the Fischer Price iPad sleeve I honestly asked myself what the big difference between a "normal" iPad case and an iPad case for children should be. Ok, you could guess that it should perhaps be a little more robust to absorb falls from the 3rd floor or that it should be more colorful to inspire the children's eyes.

The special feature of the iPad case from Fischer Price - buttons are packaged child-proof

But the case actually has something else that other [iPad cases-> ipad case] do not have: It protects the control elements such as the on / off switch, volume control and, if necessary, the home button from children's hands. You can use it to start a certain app for the child, for example, and then be sure that they are not secretly pressing the home button and ending up in the latest first person shooter. The “hardware” makes the iPad child-proof, so to speak.

A screen protector is also integrated in the case, which keeps pudding, sausage or gnawed gummy bears away from the touchscreen of the iPad. And if you find the app a bit boring, you can also play a little on the rings of the holder.

Unfortunately, the Fischer Price iPad case is only compatible with the iPad 1 and 2. Newer models do not fit in properly. The Customer Reviews but are consistently good (except for a 1-star rating from an overzealous educator who did not even buy the holder) and so you can perhaps put the Fischer Price cover on your old iPad and use it as a children's iPad.

If you want to take a look at the case or buy it, can be found here on Amazon.


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