[Solved] Do iPhone X Cases Fit iPhone Xs?

iPhone X case and iPhone Xs case in comparison.

If you want to switch from the Apple iPhone X to the Apple iPhone Xs, you may be wondering whether you need a new cover, a new case or a new smartphone case. Do iPhone X cases fit the iPhone Xs - or do you have to look for new cases? In this guide I will explain to you why one iPhone X case can fit on the iPhone Xs, while another may not be compatible. In addition, I will give you examples of already available Xs sleeves and cases that (should) fit perfectly.

iPhone X cases on the iPhone Xs - dimensions suggest it

If you look at the height, width and depth of the two smartphone models Cupertino then it is reasonable to assume that the accessories should also be the same. Both smartphones, the X and the Xs, have the following dimensions:

  • Height: 143,6 mm
  • Width: 70,9 mm
  • Depth: 7,7mm

But even if these three technical data of the iPhone Xs from 2018 match those of the predecessor from 2017, there are still small but subtle differences. Because in addition to the general dimensions, buttons, connections and, above all, the dual camera on the back must also be taken into account. Details on the small and large differences between the individual iPhone versions can be found as technical drawings in the far back Accessory Design Guidelines (PDF) from Apple, in which all devices are described in detail. 

Here is the comparison of iPhone X and iPhone Xs:

Can you use the iPhone X case on the iPhone Xs or are the dimensions too different? Answer: Cases that are not too tight can be used with both models; one difference is the camera bump.

Can you use the iPhone X case on the iPhone Xs or are the dimensions too different? Answer: Cases that are not too tight can be used with both models; one difference is the camera bump.

Why one case fits, but the other doesn't

The bulge for the dual camera alone, the so-called camera bump, shows a difference that is serious for tightly dimensioned protective covers and case solutions: on the iPhone X, the "bump" is 24,13 mm high, on the iPhone Xs it measures 24,23 mm - doesn't sound like much, but it can make a difference! Incidentally, the width of the camera's lever has remained the same. Instead, other details and components have slipped, grown or shrunk. You can find all information on pages 94 and 96 of the above linked PDF document from Apple;)

Buy a new iPhone Xs case

So if you want to buy a suitable case for the new smartphone because the old one is very tight, you will find a small selection here. Even if you have already done the test and the iPhone X case does not fit your iPhone Xs, you could find the right product here;) Some of the iPhone cases are more generous with the differing components, so that they are offered for both models become:

Inexpensive protective cover from AVANA
This iPhone Xs protective case made of TPU is flexible and protects against scratches, bumps and fingerprints. Provides extra protection for the camera bump on the back.
Spigen case with transparent back
This iPhone Xs case from Spigen offers strong protection on the edges as well as on the back - this is also transparent so that you can see the smartphone in its full glory. Generous space for buttons, connections and camera.
Protective cover from Joygard with a thin design
Slim designed case that also shows the back of the device, but protects at the same time. The flexible case keeps bumps, protects against scratches, dust and fingerprints.
Pocket with space for money cards, notes, etc.
With this iPhone Xs case from EasyAcc you not only get protection for the entire smartphone including the display, but also a storage option for your debit card, credit card, notes, money and more. Material: Synthetic leather.
FitBAG bag with microfibre inlay
You can also buy this textile cover for the Xs for all other iPhone models and in numerous different colors. You can find the individual offers on the product page.
Case with reinforced edges from i-Blason
This iPhone Xs case brings increased protection for the corners and edges of the Apple smartphone from 2018. The back, sides and above all the four corners are particularly well protected from bumps, scratches and the floor by protectors.
Protector case with closed back
Whether blue or black - this case for the 2018 iPhone also offers a lot of protection. In contrast to the i-Blason model, this SUPCASE product also offers particularly strong protection on the back.
Armored glass display film for all-round protection
This 9H armored glass screen protector from OMOTON not only comes in a double pack, but also with an installation aid that makes it possible to correctly apply the protective glass to the display. This is how all-round protection works.

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  1. Horst Hader says:

    Finding a suitable protective cover for my IPhone Xs is extremely annoying. The one from Spigen did not fit properly, with the Aviato Air360 full body case, which also did not fit exactly, my iPhone looked like a handicraft. So terrible! I could weld on my M5 2CV fender right away. Finally I found what I was looking for at Otterbox, namely "APPLE TRACTION IPHONE XS SHOCK BERRY". It costs 40 euros but is actually for the iPhone Xs. I'm curious. Otherwise, the IPhone Xs is a top smartphone and nowhere near as unwieldy as I feared. Face-ID etc. takes a bit of getting used to, but after a few hours I get on quite well. In any case, it was the right decision to buy the Xs. Tomorrow I will try out the camera intensively. I treated myself to the 256GB model. The setup from the backup of my iPhone SE went smoothly and quickly.
    Conclusion: I'm thrilled!

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Horst! I also got it recently. And I have to say that the upgrade from the X was worth it for me just because of the camera. It is noticeably better and especially the Smart HDR gets a lot out of the photos.

  2. Horst Hader says:

    Hi Jens,
    The camera is really excellent. Just for fun, I took a few pictures and videos in the apartment with artificial light. The recordings have turned out great. Watched this on my 49-inch UHD TV. Now I really have to force me to turn off the Xs.
    I wish you a nice Weekend !

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