Flicker gate: Apple iPhone 11 Pro display flickers

Under certain circumstances it can happen that the Apple iPhone 11 Pro display flickers. The screen then changes its brightness annoyingly quickly and frequently. This of course limits the trouble-free use and makes the smartphone, which costs more than 1.000 euros, maddened. The good news is that there are certain settings that can be deactivated so that the display does not flicker on the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max from Apple. 

If the Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Max) display flickers, True Tone, Night Shift and other settings could be to blame. Here are a few tips to prevent screen flicker. Flicker Gate

If the Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Max) display flickers, then True Tone, Night Shift and other settings could be to blame. Here are a few tips to prevent screen flicker.

Flicker-Gate or "iPhone 11 Pro Screen Flickering Bug"

At least that is how the problem becomes on this Reddit thread named. It also shows some solutions to the problem. For example, a user writes that he / she has restarted the smartphone. Others write that they switched off True Tone, Night Shift and the automatic brightness adjustment in order to find a solution. The dark mode of iOS 13 is also mentioned as a source of problems on Reddit and in other sources. In summary, the combination of the following settings under iOS 13.1, 13.1.1, 13.1.2 and in the beta of iOS 13.2 seems to cause the Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Max) display to flicker:

  • Dark mode of the system
  • True Tone Display setting
  • "Night Shift" setting (blue light filter)
  • Automatic display brightness

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What to do if the iPhone 11 Pro display is flickering

As already indicated above, simply deactivate one or two of the display settings. I would start with the automatic adjustment of the screen brightness. The flickering occurs - some replicas of the problem (e.g. here.) - especially when the lighting conditions change. If that alone doesn't help, I would alternatively or additionally deactivate True Tone. The use of True Tone is questionable anyway if you have also activated Night Shift, which makes the displayed colors reddish, i.e. falsified. Does disabling one or both of the iOS settings help you? Then leave a comment!

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Software error or faulty hardware?

The fact that screen flickering occurs when certain software-based screen adjustments are used in combination indicates a software problem. However, it cannot really be ruled out at the moment that the “flicker gate” is based on a hardware fault. There was something similar with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, where a gray bar was visible on the upper edge of some displays and the touchscreen no longer responded to inputs. You can read that among other things in this report from 2016. Since there are no other indications besides the flickering of a possible problem with the hardware, one can - until a corresponding patch - at least hope that it is only due to the software.


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  1. Sarah says:

    None of this helps. The cell phone cannot be used for me and I now had to switch to Huawei. Since the 8th all displays have been flickering unbearably and that cannot be improved. I was a big Apple fan, but that's not how it works.

    • sir appleot says:

      Well, I think "all displays" are a bit exaggerated. I've already had several iPhones in my hand and nothing has flickered on me yet. Or maybe I only have very insensitive eyes. ;-)

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