FLIMMO App: TV program guide for parents (iOS and Android)

Flimmo is a program guide for parents that has been providing information about TV programs for children and the questions that arise with them since 1997. In addition to the Website from Flimmo, on which the television program as well as cinema films, audio media, games and the big topic of the Internet are dealt with, there is now also the FLIMMO app for iOS on the Apple iPhone or iPad. There you will find all information about the current offer in the flicker box as well as other topics in a clear and user-friendly way. And yes, the app is also available for Android devices;)

FLIMMO App: Mobile program guide for parents

The FLIMMO app gives you an overview of the current TV program, clearly arranged by day and channel. The programs relevant to children, which run from 6:00 a.m. to 22:00 p.m., are shown and described. The following senders are taken into account:

  • First (ARD)
  • The Second German Television (ZDF)
  • RTL
  • Pro7
  • Sat 1
  • Chapel 1
  • SuperRTL
  • KIKA
  • Nickelodeon
  • Disney Channel

You can also search for individual content in the app or use filters to get specific content suggested. This will make it easier for you to see the program for the next seven days. You will find the three categories of Flimmo, which are called “Children think it's great” (well suited for children), “With rough edges” (maybe not intended for all children / age groups) and “Not for children” (self-explanatory). The broadcast archive also contains reviews of individual programs and shows from recent years. You can also put together a notepad with programs that are interesting for you and your children.

Download for iOS and Android

In addition to the FLIMMO app for Apple devices, there is also a version for the Android smartphone or tablet. So if you want to download the program guide for children and their parents with filter options, broadcast archive and notepad, then take a look at the Google Play Store or visit the page for iOS devices:
[appbox app store id643021092]

Parent questions about television are considered

As parents, how do you deal with the dirty offerings of private broadcasters from jungle camps to bachelor's degrees? What rules, times and prohibitions do you use to create a good television relationship? How do film tricks work and how does the fascination for individual series come about? What does the FSK age rating mean and who determines it? Flimmo answers these and many other questions from parents regarding the TV offer for children. Take a look;) And if you want to have fun with your child (s) on YouTube from time to time, then they could YouTube Kids app be something for you!


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