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Anyone who knows me or who visits this blog more often knows that I am a friend of simple, but effective solutions to everyday problems. Also and especially when organizing tasks, orders, e-mails, notes and the like, I therefore like to rely on useful apps and services such as e-mail programs (Apple Mail), Calendar (iCal), Sleep as an Droid and so on. Nice Early last year I therefore have the service to you followupthen presented. I would now like to go into this again briefly.

Brief explanation of the email reminder service "Followupthen"

Followupthen logoIn order to be able to use the Followupthen service, you have to only register once on the site (free of charge), click a confirmation link in the email you received and you're ready to go. In order to be reminded of an email later (later in the day, in the week, in the month, in the year or regularly), simply send it to the respective ... with the option "Forward" or a similar option of the corresponding mail client.@ It's even faster with the short version ...@, but with an autocomplete help in the mail program it is also so fast.

Examples in practice:

  • Memory in 2h: 2 hours@
  • Memory in 4 weeks: 4 weeks@
  • Memory in 5 Monaten: 5months@ (Too long? Then use 5th@
  • Memory in 6 years: 6y@

Of course, the e-mail reminder can also be created for a specific date. For example by for March 30th or in a different order with for April 22nd. Do you want to read this article again on March 15, 2017? Then send the corresponding link to

Too many addresses? The reminder service offers a remedy via autocomplete!

Life is supposed to be made easier by follow-ups and so this service for e-mail reminders naturally also offers help in finding the right e-mail address. Simply send an email with no special content to You will receive an answer almost immediately, to which you react with the option "Reply to all", "Reply all" or the like. The answer does not have to have any special content either. But now you have all the important addresses for the e-mail reminder service in the memory of the mail program and the auto-completion will help you in the future.

Followupthen autocomplete
With the autocomplete help of the mail program, you can work with abbreviations for the desired time and thus quickly send e-mails to the service.

The difference between TO (AN), CC and BBC in follow-ups

Of course, I don't want to explain the general difference between the three addressing options at this point. Basically, these should be known to everyone. But there are also differences in the functionality of the e-mail reminder service described here when used in each case. If you send a new or received email to the Followupthen address simply by means of "To" or "To", you will only get a reminder yourself at the set time.

But if you send an email to another or more recipients (an offer, a memo, a circular email with deadlines, invitations, etc.), then you can use the appropriate address … Put it in the CC and all recipients will receive a reminder of the mail at the specified time by receiving it again. If you just want to get this memory yourself, then you set it … in the Blind-Copy BBC.

Email reminders: free or paid with special services

For private users of this email reminder service there are two attractive tariffs for Followupthen: once the free version with 50 simple and 5 repeated followups per month. The package also includes 5 tasks per month for … can be sent.

This is also interesting for private users Followupthen package for $ 2 a month. In addition to 250 simple follow-ups, this also offers

Google calendar integration
This is how the Google Calendar Integration works - with the Apple Calendar it is also easy to do.

an unlimited number of repeated reminders and tasks as well as the possibility to have e-mails including attachments reminded and the integration of the service into the calendar - for example iCal on the Mac or Mac Book. I booked this package because you can also use it to send e-mails with graphics and other attachments, which are then sent back at the desired time.

There are also the Professional and Company packages for US $ 5 and US $ 9 a month. Simultaneous e-mail and SMS reminders can be sent via … create as well as specially created e-mail addresses with personalized abbreviations. For all three paid packages of the e-mail reminder service are available free trial periods.

I have the price list here as a screenshot. Please note, however, that prices may be different in the future. In case of doubt, always directly check the website!

Followupthen prices
Here are the prices of the service and the corresponding features that you get for your money.

Questions about the overview, data protection and more

Especially when the number of followups and tasks is limited, you should keep an eye on the current “consumption”. The e-mail reminder service offers two options for this. On the one hand, you simply log in to the service provider's website, then call up the settings under and get an overview. On the other hand, you send an email with no special content to and immediately afterwards receives a mail from the reminder service for mails with the currently open follow-ups.

On the subject of data protection and the question "Do you collect my emails for spam?"Says the provider for e-mail reminders as follows:

"Definitely not. We hate spam too. We will never send your data to spammers or third-party marketing companies. [...] In addition, all message bodies [the text part of the mail] encrypted before they are stored on our servers. The messages will then be deleted approximately one week after the follow-up is sent. [...] "

You can find these and many, many other questions and answers (in English) at

My conclusion on the Followupthen email reminders service

Like last year, I can unreservedly recommend this service. In addition to the integration into the workflow on Apple devices, Followupthen is of course also suitable for all other operating systems and mail programs, as it basically only involves forwarding and receiving mails (and possibly SMS). I don't want to miss this service anymore and I will continue to use it.

All information and the possibility to test the eMail Reminder Service can be found at There are also further information on functionality, compatibility, use and other information on the more expensive versions of the service.

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