The fourth ring on the Apple Watch could be mindfulness

Anyone who uses the Apple Watch for its watchOS fitness applications will already know how to interpret the three rings in red, green and blue for moving, exercising and standing. If you are not so familiar with it and ask yourself 'What do the colored rings on the Apple Watch mean?‘, get the detailed answer here. That being said, there could perhaps soon be a fourth ring that Apple sees as a possibility for the feature To breathe / attentiveness or Mindfulness. What it is and what the new ring could look like on the Apple Watch display, you will find out in this report.

The fourth circle of the activity overview on the Apple Watch display under watchOS could stand for breathing or mindfulness. Photo and montage: Sir Apfelot
The fourth circle of the activity overview on the Apple Watch display under watchOS could stand for breathing or mindfulness. Photo and montage: Sir Apfelot

Mindfulness on Apple Watch: Fourth ring, growing circle, etc.

Like the Apple-savvy journalist Greg Morris rolled into one current post reported in his blog, Apple is examining the possibility of using the mindfulness feature or the App Include Breathe in the Apple Watch fitness summary. Because even if mindfulness, meditation and breathing exercises have existed for thousands of years, they have experienced a real boom in recent years - also and especially in Silicon Valley, where Apple is at home. There is also a growth in the use of the corresponding Apple Health option and through various apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple Watch.

However, the feature next to the three fitness rings in red, green and blue cannot (yet) be found on the watch's activity display. According to Morris, a green, growing point in the previously free center of the three rings could be used. But also a fourth ring in the same place is not unimaginable. The growing point or some kind of mandala would be attached to that "Breathe" app ajar, which offers exercises for relaxation and mindfulness preinstalled by Apple under watchOS. So far, it has to be mentioned that the individual considerations are still rumors - but the change would of course be conceivable with the new watchOS.

Why focus on breathing and mindfulness?

Morris also has an explanation for this in his blog entry: Mindfulness, meditation and / or breathing exercises have a positive effect on the mental health of the practitioner. Even if the exercises are only done a few minutes a day:

"Mindfulness has been shown to have beneficial effects on mental health when completing just a few minutes a day. Research has shown that periods as small as 10 minutes can minimize stress levels, improve cognitive ability, and even aid towards improving the wellbeing of those suffering with depression. So it is obvious why Apple would want to build the activity into the Apple watch."

In addition, Apple would not only reduce its Watch and watchOS target group to the mainly physical fitness friends, but also get those on board for whom mental health is also important. And of course there are quite a few people - especially in the administrative area with high purchasing power. What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment! ;)

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