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"New year, new me!" - If, in addition to hanging up a new calendar and inaugurating a new diary or notebook for 2023, you have also made good resolutions, then you will certainly want to implement them. In order to include the daily companion called smartphone in this project, a few free (and partially pre-installed) Apps use. I have summarized what these are and how you can proceed when looking for the right tools for certain projects in this guide. At the end you will find a viable alternative to the quickly abandoned New Year's resolutions.

Do you have New Year's resolutions for 2023 and want to stick to them? Here you will find free iPhone apps that can help you. I've also put together tips for finding other iOS apps for the New Year's resolutions, as well as a sensible alternative for the same.
Do you have New Year's resolutions for 2023 and want to stick to them? Here you will find free iPhone apps that can help you. I've also put together tips for finding other iOS apps for the New Year's resolutions, as well as a sensible alternative for the same.

With the Apple iPhone: plan, remember and manage time

On the Apple iPhone you can use various pre-installed apps to organize your day more effectively, establish new routines and thus practice new habits. From morning yoga to a healthy lunch to evening screen time, there can be a lot. And this is how some of the iOS apps can be used for this:

  • Calendar: Here you can enter tasks, activities, meetings and other things for each day and at a specific time. A little tip: Also enter breaks so that they are noticed.
  • Memories: Reminders can be set here for specific days and times, but also for specific locations. In this way, new routines and habits can be practiced depending on defined factors.
  • Clock app / alarm clock: If you just need a reminder at the same time every day to get that back workout, take those vitamins, or walk around the block, you might just set an alarm in the Clock app. You can then have this repeated daily without having to create it again and again.

In addition to the pre-installed Apple apps, there is also free software from other developers. These can also be used to train routines and better manage the time. In the articles linked below you will find further information on the individual programs and on downloading them from the App Store:

  • Focus: The Focus app for Apple mobile devices and Mac computers is a small program that you can use to apply the Pomodoro technique. At work or for hobbies, as well as housework, sports and the like, you can divide individual sections into breaks, which can increase the effectiveness of the active sections themselves. Here are all the details.
  • AnyText: With Any Text app you can place any text on the iPhone lock screen. This can be the most important appointment of the day, but also a reminder of the sport, the walk, the healthy lunch, etc. You can also place the shopping list on the lock screen. The advantage: You don't have to unlock the iPhone and are less distracted by other apps and content. Here are all the details.
  • social media apps: You may be wondering how social media apps (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.) will help you achieve your 2023 New Year's resolutions. Well, it's very simple: delete them from your iPhone! You now have more time for more important things. More on the subject: Use the iPhone less – tips that really help.

Search and find apps for specific projects

Do you plan to do more sport, learn a language, read more or listen to audio books? Or do you want to learn to paint, practice origami or cook healthier? There is the right app for this and thousands of other projects. However, you should not rush into anything and commit yourself to taking advantage of the first offer that comes along. In the end, the constant switching between different apps also leads to you breaking off the New Year's project in frustration. 

It is therefore better to take a week or two to study field reports and reviews, watch videos on the individual apps that come into question, or ask friends and acquaintances for recommendations. The year is long and spending the first two of the 52 weeks researching the ideal help for the New Year's resolution is certainly more helpful than throwing everything away at some point because nothing seems to be working. Feel free to leave a comment with the apps you use for your New Year's resolution.

My tip: Overarching topic instead of detailed resolutions

I'm not a fan of New Year's resolutions myself. Because even if the year on the calendar is a new one, the weaker inner self remains the same. Wanting to change something in a hurry is not only illusory, but ultimately leads to frustration and the complete abandonment of the actually sensible change requests. It's much better to keep it more general. It is better to formulate an overarching idea instead of getting stuck on goals that are too straightforward. 

Instead of planning to climb Mount Everest, the theme for 2023 could be "hike, climb mountains and get fitter" (or just one of them). Instead of a completely revamped and complex nutrition plan from the beginning of January, you can also set “Eat better” as the 2023 topic and see how you can implement it at the weekends. Establishing an overarching theme allows you to explore different avenues and learn from setbacks without jeopardizing the achievement of a goal set in stone.

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