Free Kindle eBooks: Amazon offers books for the whole family

Amazon now also offers fiction, children's and young people's books as well as non-fiction and cookbooks free of charge - free of charge as Kindle eBooks. A Kindle reader is not absolutely necessary for reading; you can also read the digital books using the free Kindle app on your smartphone or computer. If you or your children don't feel like reading, Amazon offers its customers free films and series even without a Prime subscription. More about free streaming you read behind this link. First of all, this is about the eBooks;)

TL; DR: Click here for the offer

Read an eBook in comfort, learn something new with the children or discover fresh recipes - Amazon now offers free books for the Kindle reader and the Kindle app. This way you can get through the corona isolation better.

Read an eBook in comfort, learn something new with the children or discover fresh recipes - Amazon now offers free books for the Kindle reader and the Kindle app. This way you can get through the corona isolation better.

Amazon offer: Free Kindle eBooks for the whole family

You shouldn't expect the biggest bestsellers and most respected authors during the campaign. But the books made free of charge ensure that you can fill an hour or two in the corona isolation. In addition to "Days of Hope" by Catherine Ryan Hyde, "The Heart of the Seven Islands" by Tara Haigh and similar, there are also classics such as "The Mysterious Island" by Jules Verne or "Robinson Crusoe" by Daniel Dafoe. 

For children there are, in addition to a few other books, “The little dragon coconut among the dinosaurs” by Ingo Siegner, “The Vampire Sisters” by Franziska Gehm and so on. Most of the non-fiction and cookery books come from Gräfe und Unzer Verlag (“GU” for short) and offer a lot of ideas, from tin recipes to activity tips and yoga for children. The entire free Kindle eBook range is available with this link.

A little tip for more free digital books

The new offer from Amazon is only a small selection of what is actually available free of charge for the Kindle reader or the Kindle app. Classics in particular are often offered free of charge. Simply select the category “Kindle Shop” in the Amazon search and search for, for example, Jules Verne, Johann W. Goethe, Friedrich Schiller, Franz Kafka, Lewis Carroll, Edgar A. Poe - you will find dozens of free works and collections .

If you want to make isolation more beautiful with philosophy and / or theology, there are also several free Kindle offers here: Kant, Schopenhauer, Plato, the Bible, the Koran and much more are available to you. In addition, there are historical works - historical non-fiction books, histories and stories such as “Brehm's Animal Life”, “Roman History”, “Journey of Discovery to Tahiti and the South Seas 1772 - 1775”, and more.

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  1. Nicolas says:

    I would be very interested in where and how to read these free books?!?

    Neither the KINDL app on the iPhone nor the one on the iPad supports downloading or reading the content ...


    • sir appleot says:

      I don't see the problem now. I installed the Kindle app on my iPhone and downloaded the book on the way past the Ar ... It immediately appears in the Kindle app and I can read it. You're doing something wrong. : D

  2. Nicolas says:

    Well, very strange ...
    I follow your link, then log on to the Amazon site (not the app), then redirected to the Kindl app (had to log in again, although I was logged in) then it works.

    If I go DIRECTLY to the Kindl app it says that the book cannot be loaded in this app ... I could like to provide the screenshot ...

    • sir appleot says:

      I bought it on the Mac via the browser and then clicked on "Read in Cloud Reader". Then I went to the Kindle app on the iPhone and there was the book in the library. Maybe he doesn't like other ways of buying or you have to use the cloud reader link to transport it to the cloud first. I don't know ... How you write: strange.

  3. Nicolas says:

    Example Lafer, favorite recipes
    Despite being free of charge, it cannot be loaded in the app:
    It says: this app does not support buying.

    ???????? ‍♂️

    • sir appleot says:

      Ah, that's what you're getting at. The free "buy" is still a buying process and according to Apple guidelines for the app this may not take place in the Kindle app if Apple does not receive a 30% commission from the purchase. The Amazon shop app is a big exception here, but with all other apps (including Audible by the way), you will not find a way to buy a product - whether for free or for money. This is not because of the Kindle app, but because Apple does not "want" it.

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