FRITZ! Dect 210 Smart Home socket for outdoors with IP44 protection class

Anyone who owns a FRITZ! Box as an internet and wireless router and is looking for a smart socket for outside should take a look FRITZ! Dect 210 (here at Amazon) look at. The splash-proof device can be switched on and off conventionally using a button or via the DECT channel of the FRITZ! Box and the corresponding app. I have summarized details and an alternative for Osram users below.

The FRITZ! Dect 210 Smart Home socket for outdoors with DECT integration and IP44 protection class can be controlled via computer, FRITZ! Fon and smartphone app. Images: Amazon

The FRITZ! Dect 210 Smart Home socket for outdoors with DECT integration and IP44 protection class can be controlled via computer, FRITZ! Fon and smartphone app. Images: Amazon

FRITZ! Dect 210: intelligent socket for the smart home

With a wireless range of up to 300 meters outdoors and 40 meters indoors, the FRITZ! Dect 210 smart home socket from the manufacturer AVM works with the FRITZ! Fon directly via DECT, with the computer via the FRITZ! Box interface or with the smartphone or Tablet via the MyFRITZ! App. Practical switching can be carried out especially for the outdoor lighting - synchronized with sunrise and sunset, via coupling with the Google calendar, as daily, weekday or weekly setting as well as random and rhythmic programming. In addition to lamps, other outdoor devices can also be controlled with the FRITZ! Dect 210 and integrated into the smart home.

You can also use the socket, which is designed for a temperature range of -20 ° C to + 40 ° C, to measure the power consumption of the connected devices. According to AVM, this is possible with devices up to 3.450 watts. If you wish, you can also view details on consumption, performance, the CO2 balance and the electricity costs required for operation. Either on the computer via the FRITZ! Box interface or via the MyFRITZ! App; thus even in the form of push messages. You can find more information, possible uses as well as customer reviews, customer questions and answers on the Amazon product page.

6,01 EUR
AVM socket for the smart home
The AVM FRITZ! Dect 210 is a smart home socket that is controlled via the FRITZ! Box router via DECT. Since it is not used via WLAN, integration in Apple Home via HomeKit or in other systems is not possible or only possible via a work-around. Anyone who relies on AVM devices is well advised to do so.

Experience with the predecessor

I used to have an older model of the FRITZ! Dect socket and this was already very easy to program and use. Due to the continuous development at AVM, it should only have gotten better. But what is probably not possible is the control of this socket via Siri / HomeKit. That's what there is MyFRITZ! App for the iPhone, with which you can control the AVM Fritz! devices. A possible alternative is the use of "HomeBridge", a device that enables non-HomeKit-compatible devices for HomeKit and thus in the HomeKit network incorporates. But more on this in a separate article.

Alternative: Osram Smart + ZigBee Outdoor

Anyone who has an Osram hub in their smart home, for example the ZigBee Gateway, can also use the Osram Smart + ZigBee Outdoor use. The socket with cable can be used as an extension or as a stand-alone socket when mounted on the wall. The integration into the smart home is possible via the Osram software as well as via Amazon Echo and Alexa. Here, too, the use for lamps and other devices outdoors is the purpose of the product. You can find details, product images, information on compatibility and customer opinions on the Amazon site.

15,43 EUR
Osram Smart + ZigBee Outdoor
The Osram Smart + ZigBee Outdoor is a smart socket for outdoors that is controlled via a corresponding gateway. If this is echo-capable, the socket can also be activated via Alexa.
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