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Fritz! Box manual by Christoph Troche

The FRITZ! Box of the company Shopping Mall is one of the most widespread and popular routers for DSL and LTE. I've also been a big fan of this intuitive hardware for years. If you have your FRITZ! Box (also simply fritzbox not only for normal Internet access and as an interface for the landline telephone, then I have a few reading tips for you in this article. Because the various general and specialized manuals that are available for routers, WLAN routers, LTE routers and cable routers open up a rich world of networking.

Find the right Fritzbox manual at AVM

The Fritz! Box 7490 manual as PDF can be found at

Among other things, you can also find the manual for the Fritz! Box 7490 as a PDF at

If you are looking for the manuals for your FRITZ! Box that are tailored to the respective model, then you should go to drop by. The manuals for the LTE routers and cable routers from the manufacturer are also available here. You can also call up manual overviews for FRITZ! Fon, FRITZ! Powerline, FRITZ! WLAN and other products in the menu on the page.

Whatever you want to do with your Fritzbox, the individual PDF files contain information on general setup, WiFi use, AVM software, the connection of telephones and other devices, as well as setting up a network, your own cloud and so on.

Here are the links to the most important user manuals as PDF:

  • Fritz! Box 7490 (PDF)
  • Fritz! Box 7430 (PDF)
  • Fritz! Box 7390 (PDF)
  • Fritz! Box 6842 LTE (PDF)
  • Fritz! Fon C5 (PDF)
  • Fritz! Fon C4 (PDF)
  • Fritz! WLAN Repeater 1750E (PDF)

FRITZ! Box manuals in printed form with step-by-step instructions

The manufacturer's manuals cover all possible points for using the FRITZ! Boxes, but sometimes a more detailed explanation of this or that process is required. Even if the setup of an additional function does not work, pictures and step-by-step explanations usually help more than reading through the corresponding paragraph in the regular manual several times. So here are two more recommendations for you, if you

a) would rather have everything explained in detail and / or

b) would like to consult a real printed matter instead of a PDF file.

My Fritz! Box book tips for youFritz! Box manual by Christoph Troche

Fritz! Box: From the optimal setup to the home network

On the one hand there is the book "Fritz! Box: From the optimal setup to the home network" by Christopher Troche. The second edition of the 240-page work was published in July 2015 and is recommended in the Amazon reviews as a compact and solid reference work, among other things.

If you don't want the manual on your computer either in print or as a PDF, you're in luck: the work is also available for the Kindle Reader:

Fritz! Box manual from CHIP edition 2016CHIP: The ultimate FRITZ! Box manual 2016

On the other hand, we have from the CHIP Communications GmbH the printer CHIP: The ultimate FRITZ! Box manual 2106 (in Amazon it is still 2015, but you can see on the cover that it is the updated version from 2016!). Here you get 148 pages with general and current content. For example, the conversion of telecommunications connections to VoIP is discussed. There is also a tariff comparison, in which you can find fast and cheap internet connections if necessary.

And: The book comes on a DVD with a tool package, anti-virus software and 26 video tutorials on the FRITZ! Box on it. So basically an expanded CHIP magazine with a focus on the individual application of the hardware that is the main topic.

Conclusion on the range of Fritzbox manuals

If you just want to use the Internet and make phone calls, you will get along with the starter flyer that comes with every FRITZ! Box. Anyone who wants to deal more with the use of new technologies (cables, LTE, hybrid tariffs, ...) and other current topics relating to AVM hardware and with suitable offers, is well advised with the CHIP book. There are deeper insights and a more professional perspective in the book by Christoph Troche; user-oriented and well explained.

When looking for a simple guide to setting up a home network or as an overview of all hardware functions, the AVM manuals mentioned above are basically sufficient - but here you should not be a complete novice in some points and be able to do without step-by-step instructions. The good thing about it: the PDF files are free. So you can only work with it and if you get stuck, then you can purchase the more detailed help books.


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