Where is the reset button on the FritzBox?

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Sometimes it is necessary to reset a FritzBox to the factory settings. This means that you do a complete reset and reset all settings in the device to these data that they had on delivery.

No reset button from FritzBox 7490

AVM has numerous FritzBox models on the market that are equipped with the FritzBox user interface. While older FritzBox models still have a reset button on the right, AVM has made a change and from the FritzBox 7490 onwards there is no longer a hardware button that resets the box to the factory settings.

For this reason you have to use one of the methods listed below and reset the FritzBox via a tone dialing telephone or via the user interface. Below I have listed which FritzBox models have a button and which do not.

There is no longer a reset button on the newer FritzBox models, but you can reset the device via a telephone or the user interface (Photo: AVM.de).
There is no longer a reset button on the newer FritzBox models, but you can reset the device via a telephone or the user interface (Photo: AVM.de).

Create a backup before deleting

Attention: When you reset to the factory settings, of course, all of your settings will also work. This means that your Internet access data, your telephone configuration and all other settings will be completely deleted.

If you do not want this and you are still in the admin area of ​​the FritzBox (either via http://fritz.box or via the IP, then you can create a backup of the settings this way:

  1. Log into the FritzBox user interface (http://fritz.box).
  2. Go to the System → Backup menu.
  3. There under the point "Save" create a file with all settings and download it.
Via System> Backup you can save the FritzBox settings and restore them later.
Via System> Backup you can save the FritzBox settings and restore them later.

Resetting the FritzBox via the admin area

Provided that you still have the password for the admin area of ​​the FritzBox, you can also easily do the reset via this user interface. To do this, you proceed as follows:

  1. Connect to the FritBox http://fritz.box
  2. Go to the System → Backup menu.
  3. There you will find the "Load factory settings" button in the "Factory settings" tab.
  4. Now please wait a few minutes, as the process may take a while.
The function "Load factory settings" corresponds to resetting the FritzBox.
The “Load factory settings” function corresponds to resetting the FritzBox.

Update 29.08.2021/ Emergency IP XNUMX

A reader drew my attention to the fact that there is a second, so-called “emergency IP”. You can also use this to access the Fritz!Box user interface if, for example, you have made the wrong network settings and the AVM router can no longer be reached via the usual IP address.

If you want to get the emergency IP, you can find it via this link:

Resetting the FritzBox by phone

If you no longer have access to the user interface, for example because you have forgotten your password, you can also reset the FritzBox by telephone. For this to work, you need a phone that supports tone dialing. You can quickly recognize this by the fact that it produces tones when dialing. This can also be a DECT telephone that is connected to the FritzBox (if the FritzBox has a DECT module installed). Important: An IP phone cannot be used for this purpose.

So if you have such a phone connected to the FritzBox, proceed as follows:

  1. Telephone connected to the FritzBox and “pick up”.
  2. Enter the following code using the keypad: # 991 * 15901590 *
  3. You should now hear a signal tone in the phone, which confirms that the FritzBox has received the command.
  4. The FritzBox is reset and should react again after a few minutes.

WLAN password on the underside of the FritzBox

If you have the FritzBox back in its factory condition, you first have to reconnect to it in order to set it up. You can find the corresponding WLAN password on the underside of each FritzBox.

On the underside there is usually a sticker on which a 2-digit number code can be found under the designation "WLAN network key (WPA20)". This is the wifi password.

The WLAN password and the password for the FritzBox user interface can usually be found on the underside of the FritzBox (Photo: Sir Apfelot).
The WLAN password and the password for the FritzBox user interface can usually be found on the underside of the FritzBox (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

FritzBox firmware is not reset

The factory reset deletes all the settings that the user has made, but the firmware cannot be deleted. After a firmware update, you cannot downgrade back to an old firmware.

Fritz! Box manuals

FritzBox models without a reset button

Here is a list of the models (as of April 2013) which (to the best of my knowledge) do NOT have a hardware reset button:

  • FRITZ! 3490
  • FRITZ! 4020
  • FRITZ! 4040
  • FRITZ! 5490
  • FRITZ! 5491
  • FRITZ! Box 5530 Fiber
  • FRITZ! Box 6430 Cable
  • FRITZ! Box 6490 Cable
  • FRITZ! Box 6590 Cable
  • FRITZ! Box 6591 Cable
  • FRITZ! Box 6660 Cable
  • FRITZ! Box 6820 LTE
  • FRITZ! Box 6842 LTE
  • FRITZ! Box 6890 LTE
  • FRITZ! 7312
  • FRITZ! 7330
  • FRITZ! 7360
  • FRITZ! Box 7362 SL
  • FRITZ! 7390
  • FRITZ! 7412
  • FRITZ! 7430
  • FRITZ! 7490
  • FRITZ! 7520
  • FRITZ! 7530
  • FRITZ! 7560
  • FRITZ! 7580
  • FRITZ! 7581
  • FRITZ! 7582
  • FRITZ! 7583
  • FRITZ! 7590

FritzBox models with reset button

All other models have a reset button that can be used to reset. For example:

  • FRITZ! 3370
  • FRITZ! 3390
  • FRITZ! Box 6320 Cable
  • FRITZ! Box 6340 Cable
  • FRITZ! Box 6810 LTE
  • FRITZ! Box 6840 LTE

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23 comments on "Where is the reset button on the FritzBox?"

  1. One could also mention that this is also possible with a telephone connected to the FritzBox via DECT (if it is a FritzBox with a DECT base).

  2. That's a "smart" move because so many people don't have such dial-up phones these days, they have smartphones. I have the 6591 model which doesn't have a hardware reset button and now I can't log into the modem at all because it refuses the correct password. None of the other reset methods work. How important can the HW key be in such a situation! Now I have to buy a new modem and it's annoying.

  3. One important thing missing here is that Fritz!Boxes have an “emergency IP” that can be used to access the user interface when nothing else works.

    That saved me from having to do the reset procedure over the phone. I hope others find this useful.

    1. Hi tony! Thanks for the hint. It is correct that the Fritz! Box can also be called up via this IP, but in principle the same user interface reaches you as via the other IP. If you don't know the password, you won't get any further. But it helps if you have messed up with the network configuration and you can no longer reach the Fitz! Box via the normal IP.

    1. Hello Angela,

      this is an error. As you correctly identified, the model is in the wrong list.

      If you want to reset your FRITZ!Box 7390, you will find the necessary information in the operating instructions from page 186 onwards. If you have misplaced the printed copy, here is the online edition.

      Best regards

  4. Hi
    Unfortunately I cannot connect to the Fritzbox. When I enter fritz.box, it says “not found” and it doesn’t even create the emergency IP for me. I don't have a laptop to access it directly via LAN cable. What else can I do to reset the box?

    VG, Andre

    1. Hello Andre! You must first switch to the Fritz-Bix's WLAN in the WLAN menu. Then fritz.box works. Otherwise you have to work with a cable telephone connected. I have no idea why it doesn't work for you. :( LG, Jens

      1. Hello, Jens! Unfortunately I can't get in there. The network no longer shows it to me and the WLAN light flashes constantly. :(

          1. I do not think so. She was still walking until yesterday. I wanted to set between the two in the Fritz Repeater Mash app and I think I set something wrong. It hasn't worked since then... :(
            Now I don't know what to do.

          2. Ok, but does it show a WLAN? And the WLAN button is pressed and WLAN is switched on? If all else fails, I would try using a LAN cable.

  5. It only shows me the repeater but I don't have internet there. I pressed the button and also unplugged the router. I also tried the LAN cable and laptop but I can't get the Fritz site to connect.

    1. So laptop with LAN cable to the Fritz!Box. Then deactivate the WLAN in the laptop and also turn off any VPN. Then he can only go via LAN. And then the connection should actually be possible. If not, I would ask AVM support. Maybe they have another idea.

        1. Gladly! Have a nice evening and good luck tomorrow too. If the AVM people can get it done, I'm excited to see the path they've taken. 😊

          1. If you haven't done the coupling between Fritz!Box and Mesh with hammer and chisel, it can actually just be a software problem. 😂

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