From March 7th: mobivention announces its own App Marketplace for iOS

The Cologne-based company mobivention has announced that it will publish its own app marketplace for iOS devices in the EU this week. This is possible because Apple has to open its iPhone platform to competitors as part of the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Unlike MacPaw or Setapp, where the focus is on private users and perhaps SMEs, the mobivention App Marketplace should have a focus on corporate customers. By offering B2B and B2C apps, the company remains true to its path of over 20 years.

The Cologne-based IT company for web and app development mobivention is launching its own app store for iOS on the DMA deadline, March 7, 2024. The graphic is a symbolic image. No graphics of the announced app were yet available.
The Cologne-based IT company for web and app development mobivention is launching its own app store for iOS on the DMA deadline, March 7, 2024. The graphic is a symbolic image. No graphics of the announced app were yet available.

Alternative App Store should be available from March 7, 2024

Last week I showed youthat MacPaw wants to test its Setapp offer as an alternative source for iOS apps in a beta. From April, the app collection will be widely available outside of Apple's App Store. Things should go faster at mobivention, because the company's App Marketplace will be available directly on the EU's DMA deadline, i.e. March 7, 2024. The IT service provider states as the goal, “To offer corporate customers and other app developers an alternative platform for the easy and secure distribution of B2B and B2C iOS apps“. A corresponding report was made yesterday press release published.

"We are ready to start on March 07.03.2024, XNUMX, the earliest possible date“, explains Dr. Hubert Weid, Managing Director of mobivention GmbH. “Our goal is to provide companies with an innovative platform that enables companies to participate in the growing app business and increase their competitiveness. This initiative reflects mobivention's commitment to supporting the digital transformation of companies and redefining the way iOS apps are distributed and consumed. We are thus demonstrating our innovative strength in a completely new developing market."

Clear focus on B2B customers

The mobivention App Marketplace is also and primarily aimed at B2B customers (B2B = Business to Business). This is intended to support companies that are looking for alternative distribution channels for their apps - i.e. outside of Apple's own software department store. The company emphasizes that it is irrelevant whether the companies developed their apps themselves or had them made by a service provider. It should also be possible for corporations to adapt and use the mobivention App Marketplace as a white label solution for their individual needs.

"Corporate customers only need an Apple developer account and an app uploaded to Apple's App Store Connect to use the mobivention app marketplace. mobivention supports the entire process from providing additional metadata to releasing and reviewing the apps according to the criteria specified by Apple“, it says about implementation and support. The advantages of the offer compared to Apple's App Store are also mentioned: simplified rules for app publishing, alternative billing models, a smaller share of sales for in-app purchases and the use of alternative payment methods.

Brief overview of the mobivention company

I stumbled across the press release about the mobivention App Marketplace while looking for announcements about alternative iOS app stores. If you didn't know the name before, here are a few key facts to help you understand it: The German IT service provider has existed since 2003 and has around 30 employees working in the areas of app and web development. So far, e.g. have been implemented: B. Offers such as the Flugärger app from the North Rhine-Westphalia Consumer Center, the Husteblume app from the Techniker Krankenkasse, the LOTTO Bayern Online app, the SpardaWelt website, the backend of the Kicker betting game, the website of the German National Library, the Congstar app and many more.

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